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1Joseph Scott Empty Joseph Scott on Fri Dec 18, 2015 5:09 pm



Joseph Scott BlackLagoon2ndSeason3

Name: Joseph Scott
Alias/Epithet: Walking Arsenal
Race: Human
Gender: Male
Age: 33
Mode: Hard

Occupation: Historian (Primary); Martial Artist (Secondary)
Affiliation: Free Agent
Tier: 1

General Appearance: Joshua has smooth and natural dark skin, with no tattoos due to the fact that the man wouldn't dare mess up his athletic body with designs that are only meant to awe others. He is bald and also has a beard along with a mustache which doesn't exactly connect from the sides, leaving the area under his nose hair free. He doesn't have eyebrows and his eyes are dark brown, but you wouldn't be able to see them since he blocks them with a pair of gray shades. Speaking of his choice of wears, Joshua usually throws on a green T-Shirt with a green down vest over that, camouflage cargo shorts with a black belt, black boots and black socks on. On occasion, he will wear other clothing.

Height: 5'11
Weight: 185 lbs
Crew Tattoo Placement: N/A

Personality: The only thing joseph truly cares about in this world are ancient artifacts left men who 'were truly talented'. You wouldn't find anyone in this world like that anymore, according to the historian, which is why he has no respect for anyone but himself, only using people when it benefits his goals at the time. Whatever happens around him that does not affect him is of no concern to the man at all. If he has to however, he will try to get on the good side of his associates that can help him immensely, by protecting them, the people that they care about, doing tasks for them, being nice to them (to a degree) and so on and so forth. The moment they no longer serve a purpose for Joseph is when he drops the caring act.

Joseph is a very blunt person, saying whatever is on his mind about the current situation around him. Usually this causes the emotions of others to swell up, as his opinions may sometimes strike you like a dagger, but don't expect him to back down even after that, unless you are an associate of his of course. Even then, it is very hard for him to hold back his honesty, having to occupy his mind with something else before he puts the person in their place.

Along with this blunt nature also comes arrogance. Joseph thinks that by collecting treasures made by men "far surpassing anyone in this day and age,' he also gains a little bit of knowledge that they have obtained by truly examining their work and 'understanding' them. Following his own opinion of these dead legends, this means that he is above anyone in the world currently. Those pirates who search for 'meaningless treasures,' and just to stay wealthy are the worst of the bunch in his opinion.

Searching endlessly for artifacts is quite difficult and can be boring at times, so Joseph comes at his favorite hobby with great enthusiasm, and it shows with his smile that is formed whenever he is on an accurate trail that will lead to something great. This feeling cans sometimes make him forget about his own hate for the current world and the people within it, making him happier and carrying on conversations that he would rather not have with people he would rather not speak to.

- Artifacts
- Adventure
- Fighting
- Drinking
- Woman (For Pleasure Only)
- Coffee
- Cake

- Humanity (In It's Current State)
- People (In This Current Generation)
- Animals
- Mud
- The Mishandling Of Artifacts (Destroying them, Touching Them Without Gloves On, etc)
- Tea
- Vegetables

- The World Government
- Devil Fruits

- Knowledge From The Artifacts Found By Him
- The Future Of The World (Maybe Someone Will Come And Drastically Change This Ugly World)
- The Legendary Treasures He Has Been Searching For  

History: Joseph Scott was born on a ship sailing through the North Blue. Usually, you wouldn't find a pregnant lady nearing her due date on a ship, but Helena Scott wasn't your average pregnant lady. Along with her husband Oliver Scott, the two have been traveling the seas for years in search of artifacts that they would place in the museum they owned with a few of their friends, which was located in the West Blue. Their friends handled the management of the place while the duo hired a team to find treasures that could get them more visitation, thus boosting their revenue. They themselves weren't the fighting types, so they would always hire a good amount of bodyguards, and in this case, they even brought along a doctor to make sure  that the baby would come out healthy. Helena and Oliver were the researchers who always knew where to look for the artifacts, never failing to bring home some type of masterpiece.

Joseph grew up not knowing what staying in a stationary home felt like. Him and his parents were always going from island to island, never staying at any of them too long. Even when they got back to the museum, there was no time to just sit and hope the museum would stay up with the stuff they brought back. There was always something else needed in the eyes of the treasure hunters. Having to make new friends all the time and be on a ship most of the time wasn't a bad thing for Joseph, since meeting new people and seeing new sights was fantastic. He had his mother's and father's love for adventure in him since he was a toddler, always running around the ship searching for new toys.

The relationship between the three Scotts proved that you didn't need a big house to be a happy family either. They all had many things in common,so there was never a dull conversation. The most interesting topic was about the next big treasures they would get to next and the history around them. Joseph truly loved his parents, as well as the few who stayed with them even after one journey, not just in it for the quick cash and out. One of these men even taught Joseph how to fight, as he always wanted to be able to protect his mom and dad if anything bad happened, and their bodyguards weren't close. This man's name was Henry, and he showed Joseph many hand-to-hand martial arts that the kid picked up pretty quickly.

All of the joy ended when Joseph was 18 however. At that point, he was pretty much a professional treasure hunter, as well as a decent martial artist. He helped his parents track down items that they had trouble tracking down many times, and even taking care of a few bandits who tried to get at their spoils. After a recent and successful adventure, the crew headed back to West Blue from South Blue. Upon making it to the island that their museum was located on, something horrible had occurred. As they all got closer to the museum, they realized that it was burning, and that many people tried to run away from the explosions that were being expelled from various bombs, but some of the men that those bombs belonged to started chasing and slicing down all who tried to flee, while others began entering the nearly destroyed building, grabbing all of the artifacts they could get away with. The Scotts witnessed their two great friends that ran the museum with them get shot down by the fiendish pirates who decided to attack that day. Their captain was none other than Henry, who only acted like a long time bodyguard of the Scott family, waiting for them to gather up enough artifacts all in the same place. Enough to be pretty much rich for life after selling them.

Soon after Helena, Oliver and Joshua found out that their friend was a low life criminal, the lives of the elder two of the trio ended, their chests being stabbed through by two of Henry's pirate goons. Joshua was shattered emotionally at that point, not being able to move his knees that were now glued to the ground as he got a closer look at his dying parents. They shared as many loving words that they could with their only child before their time was up. He felt a rage that he never felt before in his life, but he wasn't a fool that could be easily blinded by this. At that point, several pirates formed a circle around him, their flintlock pistols aimed at the young adult's head, and Henry had a blade in each of his hands. Joshua knew how good his mentor was with dual blades. Even if he was somehow able to take down the shooters, that man wasn't someone he could beat.

Joshua was taken as a prisoner on the ship of the Steel Heart Pirates (Henry's Crew). They got off of the island pretty fast in fear of the marine base on the island just a few miles away. Henry kept Joshua alive so that the treasure hunter could do what he did best. Treasure hunt. As much as the pirate captain wished that he could just quit looking for treasures and settle down with his riches, he had a crew that would each be taking sums out, not leaving him with enough to last a life time. It would be hard to convince someone who's parents and close friends you just killed to be your ally, but after spending several years with the boy, Henry knew everything about him, especially his obsession with uncovering certain artifacts that could possibly change his life. Joshua hasn't been able to track them down, but with enough time he could. Him and Henry had many discussions about needing to do that before he died, as it was something he just needed to do.

After failing the first few times to convince the young adult to join, Joshua eventually began considering the offer for real. Everything he cared about was already taken away from him, so there wasn't anything or anyone that he needed to protect, and he just didn't want to die yet, especially at the hands of a traitor, before finding those special treasures. Allying up with Henry seemed like a good idea after realizing these two things. He could also attempt to escape from his captor during their alliance, so Joshua accepted Henry's offer.

At first, Henry commanded a few of his men to stay around Joshua at all times in fear of him trying to escape, but as a few years passed by, the young lad did his best to truly make his captors believe that he changed his mind about them, and that they were all best buddies. This was a very difficult thing to accomplish, but with his goal in mind, Joshua knew that he could do anything in order to get there. Acting like a pirate meant that he did some pretty cruel things, but it didn't really phase him at all, since he kind of got used to it. Having lost everything, he didn't mind taking everything from others, including their lives since it only seemed fair that they suffer like he did. He already viewed his life as forfeit, only living to achieve the goals that he promised his family he would.

Henry was still alert of a possible escape attempt from Joshua, sometimes doing things that gave the young lad the perfect opportunities to escape (or at least what looked like perfect opportunities). Joshua saw right through his tricks however, staying with the crew when his pirate captain very much thought that he would try to bail. After a year of this, Henry finally thought that Joshua was completely his, even making him first mate after an 'accident' happened to the last one, ending in his death.

What a mistake that was. Just a few days after his promotion, Joshua found the perfect moment to kill the captain while he was sleeping, and then pick off the pirates on the ship a few at a time. He trained his body everyday in anticipation for a day like this, and it payed off.

With the pirate ship now being his, a 28 year old Joshua set sail, searching for the legendary treasures that he had been wishing to find ever since he was a child. For five years he has been doing so, doing whatever it took to get closer and closer to his goal. As those years went by, he has been to many locations across all four blues. He got a few artifacts from this time, but realized that the ones he has been searching for are probably in Paradise and New World. Before heading to those two locations however, the man knew that unfortunately, he would need a team of his own to get there.

Face Claim: (Black Lagoon|Dutch)

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2Joseph Scott Empty Re: Joseph Scott on Fri Jan 01, 2016 9:37 pm



free agent approved

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