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1 Island Description on Tue Dec 15, 2015 6:11 pm


Description: One of the widest islands in the Grand Line, Hebi consists of a lush expanse where mountains and valleys alike are covered in green. However throughout this island is a few abnormalities, as all the inhabitants all the island live on the outskirts toward the sea. Whilst this may seem normal, this is mostly due to their fear of the center of the island. Directly in the middle of the island resides a gigantic tree stump, which is black in colour and could be easily mistaken for a mountain. Wrapped around the tree is a black, hardened snake skin which looks to be thousands years old. The inhabitants of the island very practical and nature savy, this island being the breeding ground for many of the world's greatest assassins and hunters. This reputation given the to island, it draws crowds of killers frequently, headhunters, bounty hunters, just outright murders. With this more evildoers have begun to flock to the island making it a rapidly growing hub for criminals looking to get in any line of work that's not legal. For this reason the natives aren't very accepting or trusting to outsiders.

Influence: Revolutionary - David Hyde
Species: Giant Tree Blending Snakes T3-5, T3-5 Common Jungle, T6 God Eater Snake (Size of a Common Island, peaceful until harmed) Species
Log Pose Point Requirement 18

Housing: Tier 1
Army: Tier 3
Weaponry: Tier 3
Population: Tier 3
Technology: No Tier

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