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1 Island Description on Wed Dec 16, 2015 2:10 am


Description: A country that thrives of chaos and violence, Tundra inhabits three warring factions which have been fighting with no conclusive ending. For hundreds of years this island has sat secluded from the rest of the world, as the world simply ignores the whole dilemma. Monstrous birds of prey conquer the skies and claim the mountains where its unusually warmer, whilst the citizens of the island suffer to freeze in the frozen expanses. Huts and stables are scattered across the icey valleys, whilst underground shelters are scattered throughout the island, as the blizzards that pass consume the land, laying waste to anything in their path. There are many Marine outpost scattered amongst Tundra and they work to keep the peace in the towns of the damned land. Beyond the towns in the dangerous wild where most of the battles take place, the Marines simply watch and make sure the fighting doesn't get into the towns.

Beyond simple peace keeping, they recruit strong fighters from Tundra into the Marines, these people often progress to attain high ranks and capture many pirates. They are well known for their Twisted Justice, approach on things.

Influence: World's Greatest Swordsman - Julius Cease
Species: Predatory Birds T3-4, Snow Wolves T3-4, Snow Bears T4-5, Two Head Water Snakes T3-5. Common Tundra Species.
Log Pose Point Requirement 25

Housing: Tier 3
Army: Tier 4
Weaponry: Tier 4
Population: Tier 4
Technology: No Tier
Miscellaneous: Julius Cease lives deep inside a large reinforced stronghold in the heart of Tundra's most war-torn state. There are factions of warriors, bandits, and knights who have bunkered down in this stronghold and laid claim on certain areas. Then of course there are factions of warriors, knights, and bandits who attack and attempt to invade it on the regular. This leads to continuous battles inside and outside the stronghold.

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