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Travel to islands within Paradise temporarily no longer requires a Log Pose or timer/wc. A post to signify travel is still required however.

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1 Island Description on Tue Dec 15, 2015 6:09 pm

Momoiro Island

Momoiro Island is an island that is as girly girl as a place can get. Its filled with pink grass, pink animals, pink trees, pink leaves, frills, amazing lighting for photography and dramatic moments and also permanently has a rainbow cascading overhead. Those who inhabit the island are all men who dress as women, wear makeup, etc, or women who look like men, but dress as women still, its hard to tell. All of these people are highly skilled in martial arts despite whatever gender they may be and are each said to be almost as strong as a Super Nova and even some as strong as a Vice Admiral. It should also be noted that it's not rare to see the wild life wearing things like dresses or even high heeled shoes with make up.

Influence: Pirate - Elizabeth Chambers
Species Boxing Bears and Kangaroos T3-5, Okama Kenpo and Newkama Kenpo Apes T3-4, Momoiro Camo Wolves and Foxes T3
Log Pose Point Requirement: 25

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