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It had been a few storms since Marlo got away from Karate Island with a few injuries, he was just reading “ELBIB” as he laid on the bed with newly placed bandages across his chest and right leg. Outside his door he heard what sounded like the captain’s voice and another man that was most likely the one who picked him up from the prison as he was escaping. “You think you guys can handle this? This is one mission he can’t do himself so I want you to guide him, now you know you can’t fail at all cost or you will be a test of what happens in that base after all.” It sounded as if the captain was saying this. “I’m going on another mission? I can’t wait!” Marlo was excited even though he was still hurt from his last mission, but as long as he was able to do something other than laying down, he didn’t want to finish his book too fast, it was a pretty lengthy book though. Marlo opened the door and surprised the captain and the man he first met with the revolutionaries, “Hey, am I going on a mission?” Marlo asked this question not even caring that he was snooping in on their conversation. “Y-yes, we didn’t want to tell you just yet, but tomorrow night you will be going to Base #45 with Christopher. He is the one that had the impromptu rendezvous with you outside of the prison.” The captains said with an uneasy look in his eye.


“Well, I have been getting stronger over the course of a week now, so I think me and Christopher can take this mission on with no trouble.” Marlo looked at Christopher and nodded his head showing him he was confident in his abilities. “Okay well you two need to mentally prepare yourselves for this although you both look pretty nonchalant about the whole deal which might not be that bad. And that concludes the briefing session, do whatever you please.” The captain headed back to his office and it was only Christopher and Marlo left in the hallway with only the light in front of Marlo’s dorm to keep each other visible. “So, you have any specific plans for the mission?” Marlo would ask the man curious to see his reply. “Nope, we will wing it. I’ll show you the ropes as we go through, but for now I’m gonna need you to lay down and let those wounds heal as best they can for tomorrow.” He said in a monotonous way beginning to walk away. “See ya then.” Marlo walked inside of his dorm and laid in his bed, left alone with he and his thought to comfort him. Well, it wasn’t like he needed it anyway his mind had been cleared and he knew there was no possible way he could fail the mission with Christopher along. Anyhow, this helped Marlo go to sleep which he dreamed of a dark area that was soon illuminated in light and everything could be seen.


Morning came and it was time to travel to base #45, it would roughly take them 10 hours to get there meaning it would be night by the time they arrived. Once concealed in the shadowy darkness they called night that is when the infiltration would begin. Marlo woke up and grabbed his katanas to attach them to his hips as he did every morning, he then walked out of his room and went to the deck where it seems Christopher was already waiting. “Yo, Christopher.” Marlo would say aloud for him to hear. He turned around looking glad to see Marlo, “Oh, okay so you are up. We will go over the basics of offensive espionage. This is when you attack while keeping you position concealed.” Christopher said. “I thought you would train me there?” Marlo asked quickly looking a little confused, but not really worried. “Yeah yeah yeah, come here and let me show you some stuff.” Christopher grabbed Marlo and began to instruct. “Okay, this maneuver is used when you are behind an enemy that isn’t aware of your presence, you grab them by the neck like this and pull your arms in opposite directions.” Christopher would do the motions on Marlo to show him how the mechanics worked. “Okay the second one  is the rock technique, nothing special, but will get you out of a pickle. If you have somehow attracted enemies to your position you can throw them off by throwing a rock at a different position causing them to look away. At this point you could take both of them out or however many enemies are there, if there are too many then you will change your position swiftly.” Christopher would say throwing a rock that created a highly distractive noise. “Those are the only two things you need to know before we get there, those are pretty much the base for every other move that shall be done.”


Marlo was not aware that Christopher could get this excited about things, it seems that this was his specialty and he normally didn’t have people to teach, analyzing this Marlo would ask. “Well, surely you can teach me more can’t you. I’m willing to learn.” And so Christopher taught Marlo the intermediate espionage techniques over the course of 8 hours. With 2 hours remaining on the trip night began to set and it was clear to Marlo and Christopher that the time was approaching, none of them were scared, but anxious and ready to go. Soon the captain showed up at the deck. “I was looking for you two, who knew you guys would have boded so quick.” He said with a chuckle. “Anyways, you guys need to put on these.” The captain would hand them all black gear to match the blackness of the night. They went to put on the ninja-looking gear and was ready to go, in the distance they could see a castle like structure. “Here we are.” Christopher would say to Marlo. “The time has come.” Marlo would say to Christopher. “Sadly we have to stop here so you guys will enter in a rowboat, we can’t have ourselves getting caught before the mission even begins so head to the right side of the ship, the boat is already prepared.” The captain then walked away. Christopher and Marlo jumped off of the boat and into the rowboat having a little nautical turbulence as they did so.


“Here grab this.” Chris said giving Marlo a paddle. And so they paddle the rest of the way to the castle and was right next to the grey-bricked wall. “Okay, we gotta climb up from here.” Christopher said gripping his hands on the wall and climbing the wall with ease, Marlo would then take out his swords and scale the wall as well, once they finally made it up the wall they were lucky enough to already be behind cover of another wall that had a rounded top with artillery poking out of it. Again they climbed and went prone, Christopher took out his telescope to survey the area. “There are too many marines in the center, we must go around the outside and climb to the top of the castle-like structure entering from the top. If possible we need two marine suits as well.” Christopher said while still looking out of his scope. “Yes sir.” Marlo would say obediently. They hopped down from the wall and rounded to the back clockwise until they seen 4 marines standing guard looking vigilant. “Here throw this rock.” Christopher would whisper. Marlo grabbed the rock and launched it behind the marines making a loud thud that echoed, this was perfect making all of the marines turn at once. Without a word Christopher would dash with the wind trailing behind him, Marlo knew he had to keep up so he began to run as well, in one swift motion Christopher took out three guards making them all fall to their knees leaving the last one for Marlo deliberately. Seeing as this was his chance Marlo would unsheathe his  katana and knock the last marine on the back of his neck with his hilt. “And that’s that.” Christopher said grabbing one marines and seeing if their size fit him. Now that the both of them had on marine costumes on they went to the back where 2 marines would be passing, as they walked by each other one would note, “You guys are going the wrong way, we must move counter-clockwise.” Marlo was itching to grab his katanas until Christopher spoke up. “Ah, you’re right, but I remember the lieutenant giving us special order to do the opposite.” he said looking calm. “Is that so...well then carry on soldier and good work.”


They both nodded and continued on their way, before scaling the last wall they sat their and waited 30 minutes to see how long it took the guards to make their rounds, which was 15 minutes both times. As soon as they passed 5 minutes later Christopher would signal “up” to begin climbing the wall, making sure they were right under the window it was pretty easy to see their destination. Finally getting into the castle with seemingly no problems Christopher would say “Okay we can’t relax here, I’m pretty sure we the lab is two floors below this one which is under the sea level.” Marlo would nod to say that he got the instructions so, down they would go. Going down the stares they would hear heels clack against the each stair making their heart pound, it would be a lady that was well-built with glasses. “Gentlemen.” She would nod with bags in her eyes, it was clear to see she hadn’t slept in a few days. They would nod back and continue on their trek to the basement laboratory. Once finally arriving at the door of the lab it would say “Special Personnel Only!” In large red letters so it was clear that the marine clothing they had on wouldn’t suffice here, they needed true tactics here. “Follow my every move.” Chris would say in a whispering tone. “Yes sir.” Chris opened the door slowly and what they seen was horrifying, it was an animal-human hybrid, there were some pieces that resembled a dinosaur and another that resembled a scorpion. Also in the room was a scientist with a clipboard that would look back at the two of them and show an angered face, knowing they were compromised they would sprint their fastest to the top of the stairway into the top floor where they had entered. “Oh shit.” Chris would say in a shocked tone looking at Marlo. “We gotta jump.”


They both looked down and seen the grey bricked abyss of a fall, but they knew they had to make it into the sea which was directly 5 meters horizontally from them. “Jump!” Chris said as he leaped out the window and began his descent Marlo did the same and they plummeted into the ocean not knowing if they were being chased or not, but just swimming as far as they could away. Finally they seen a ship that resembled the one captain had, but it was hard to tell due to the fog. They continued to swim until they could touch the side and seen that it was the right ship, then they climbed up getting ready to tell the captain tripping over each other still in a panicked state. The captain was surprised to hear what they had saw and looked at their faces to see that there was no way these two were lying. “Well I commend you two on making it back, I will talk to the superiors about what you seen and we will take it from their.” And thus Marlo and Christopher made it out alive even though they seen something incredibly disturbing, maybe it would be hard for the both of them to sleep.

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