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Marlo had been resting on Centauruea Island until his next mission was to come to him when he seen four men that resembled Argus. It wasn’t the hair, nor was it the face, but the body of these men and the choice of outfits that they had one. None of them looked as though they were here for fun neither, Marlo kept his eye on them as he leaned back in a rocking chair in front of the same casino he had met Argus at. It seems that is the place the weirdly built men were entering as well, as they were piling into the casino they stared at Marlo trying to scare him in some way, but he kept his blank face making them ignore the fact that he wasn’t scared of them. Once in the casino people began to leave in rapid succession with scared looks in their eyes, at this point it was obvious that they had some connection with Argus. It had been pretty quiet in the casino until Marlo heard the smashing of bottles and a few screams inside followed by a “Shut the hell up woman!”. Marlo couldn’t sit there any longer and ran into the casino to look what was happening, upon entering he seen that there were of course broken glass on the floor and a man being pinned up against the wall.

“Where the hell did the runt go!” A man in a yellow and orange striped suit said. Assuming they were talking about him Marlo said “I’m right here.”, as they turned around they noticed they had just seen him outside of the casino. “Oh, so it was you? You pompous faced brat.” The man had now let go of the bartender’s neck dropping him to the floor and causing him to run to the back of the Casino. “Well, I guess you could say that.” Marlo was being heavily sarcastic in his tone causing the man on the far right with an all black suit on to grab a bottle that hadn’t been broken and throw it at Marlo. The bottle was off course so, Marlo decided not to move seeing as though it wouldn’t hit him, “Hmph, we have a brave one don’t we now?” The man said looking a little agitated, but hiding it behind his shades. “What is up with all of these rhetorical questions?” Marlo asked them with his hands on his katanas. “Come on, let’s go outside. I don’t want to mess up the place anymore than it already has been.” Marlo was now walking outside of the casino and heard loud yelling as if someone were charging him. He quickly turned around to see the door of the casino burst open with a man in a blue suit coming out of it, this caused Marlo to instinctively dodge to the left of the man making the blue-suited guy miss.

“You might actually be a challenge for me.” The man said in a egotistical tone. “So, you guys facing me one at a time?” Marlo asked looking confused. “Well, we figured it would be the only way to give you a fair chance, unlike you we have integrity.” Marlo was unphased by this insult and unsheathed his katanas looking back inside of the casino making sure he wasn’t to get ambushed despite the man’s words. “Okay then, you guys are just making it easier for me.” Marlo had now drawn his swords and was ready for battle, when this happened it symbolized the start making the man charge towards Marlo taking out a sword of his own. Marlo and the man entered a fierce sword battle with each slash being parried and sparks coming off of the swords, but Marlo was only testing the man as sweat came off of his forehead. “Tired are we?” Marlo asked using one of their rhetorical questions against them to insult him. This angered the man and caused him to swing wildly, it seemed the taunt had worked against this imbecile, now that he has fallen into the trap it was time to see if their was an open point that Marlo could strike. Looking at each individual strike he seen that the rotator cuffs of the shoulder were plainly open, this is when Marlo made his move to disable the man he blocked both of the slashes coming from outside of his body and pushed them away from him having the man in a T-formation. Marlo would then drive his katanas in both of his shoulders aiming for the rotator cuffs specifically.

The man dropped on his knees and doubled over, Marlo then dragged the man back into the casino to signify to the other men that Marlo was nothing to be trifled with. “So, who is next?” Marlo asked each of them. “Or, y’know you can all just come at me all at once.” Out of pure confidence the men decided to get drunk off of the Casino’s supplies which angered Marlo. “Get the fuck up and face me!” He exclaimed getting the attention of all of the men sitting down and pouring up. They all looked at him with a shocked and confused rage while taking out their swords in a blundered manner. They all charged at Marlo stumbling upon each other and falling, once they finally made their way to Marlo he made quick work of one of them slicing him across his protruding stomach causing him to fall over. The other two looked at the man, but the alcohol had them feeling as though there was no way that could happen to them, so they again charged like tweedle dee and tweedle dum. Marlo took both of his blades and went right in between them slicing them across their stomachs as well as the other man, both of them fell to their knees simultaneously. Marlo couldn’t tell whether they were shocked by what just happened, but he assumed so and called out to the bartender, “Everything is okay in here now mister!” When he heard this the short old man walked out from the back room shaking. “Oh! I didn’t think you would make it out of that alive! I’m sorry for abandoning you, but there was nothing an old guy like me could have done you see?” He said feeling guilty about the whole situation.

“It’s okay, now how about I help you clean this place up so it can be up and running tomorrow.” Marlo said as he picked up the broken glass around him and dumping it in a trash can. After a few hours of cleaning and restoring the place to a somewhat manageable condition he told his goodbyes to the manager and made sure to leave those guys outside of the casino to publicly embarrass them while also letting the people know they were safe. Upon doing that he went back to the captain’s ship which was still docked and entered the briefing room tell him all about what happened that day.

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