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It was a rainy night, actually it was dusk and the rain was pouring, it would always occur to Marlo that all rain was, was that gravity pulling down the water that the clouds had stored. “How selfish.” Marlo said taking his book out of his black and white striped jumpsuit. Was it really selfish that gravity would do such a thing, if you looked at the benefits you could see that the world revolved around rain, it was part of the life cycles. These were just senseless rambles Marlo thought of while walking away from the prison he had just escaped from. How he did it was pretty strange as it seemed that things were set up too nicely for him, but he didn’t complain one bit. Well, he never really complained about anything, the one time he did ended him up in prison. Anyhow he continued to trek through unknown territory and all he seen was foliage in the foreground of the black night. “Marlo, we have been expecting you.” A voice said coming from the darkness of the forest shade. “If you expect me to go back to prison you would have to kill me.” Marlo said calmly putting his fist up in a defensive stance that resembled something from Muy Thai. “No, I am a revolutionary and we want you to work for us, we knew your dad and we know you have extreme potential to become a top executive here. It won’t be easy so don’t be flattered by these words.” The man said walking from the pitch black shadows of the forest and showing his face from his burgundy hood. The man was pretty tall, even for Marlo’s height which was 6’2, he had brunette hair and green eyes. “Well then, you had to have been the one that led to me escaping as easy as I did then.” Marlo said immediately piecing all of the details together.

“You would be correct, now come with me, they won’t know you will be gone because we had someone on the inside wipe your files from their database. We have a ride to Centaurean Island where your first mission will be.” The man said signalling him to follow him into the woods. On the walk there they began to see the sand and Marlo knew they were close to shore, “We have arrived to the ship.” The man said looking at Marlo. The ship had been made of mostly red wood and gold outlines with a golden medusa on the front. “Nice.” Marlo said looking impressed while walking onto the ship. Once on the ship he was guided to the changing room where he changed into a white button-up shirt with 2 straps going across his shoulders, he was also given black dress pants with matching black dress shoes. Marlo was now looking like a new man, although he did not like the black and white seeing it as some type of joke. Leaving the room he was then brought into the briefing room where the captain was filling everyone in on their missions. “Oh, welcome!” The captain said with a grand smile on his face. Marlo immediately observed his face seeing an eyepatch on the left eye first and then a cut on his right cheek, “Thank you for all that you have done so far, but how did you know my dad.” Marlo asked seeing as though this whole situation was surreal, he then looked at all of the other revolutionaries already in there seeing 3 men and 4 women.

“Ah, a curious one I see. Well then, your father and I have been friends for quite some time, he was more of a childhood friend. It hurt me bad when i found out about his death, but I remembered that he always used to talk about his son. So, I went through great lengths to find you and take you out of that prison. I talked to your mom personally and she told me all that happened, she was extremely sorry for what she had did to you, but she could not bring herself to meet you face to face again. Anyhow let me tell you about your mission. We need you to assassinate a high-roller named Argus Dmitri, he is extremely greedful and will use anyone and anything in order to gain more money and power. We know you can’t go in there with no weapon and I’m pretty sure you have kept your body in shape as I can see the fighter in you still.” It took a while for Marlo to take all of this in, but he shook his head yes and was later taken out of the briefing room and taken into the armory. “Here you will pick your weapon, fell free to look around all you want.” A friendly looking women said with a smile on her face. Marlo took her advice and immediately went for the katana section, he looked and looked into he seen a pair of black katanas. He grabbed them and felt that they were just right for him, at that moment he whispered “Kami no Heika.”, “What was that?” The lady asked him. “Kami no Heika, that will be the name of these swords.” Marlo said putting them in his straps and unsheathing the both of them. “Ahh, a Nitoryu user are you.” The lady said looking very knowledgeable about weapons. “Yes, I learned from my dad.” Marlo said swinging the sword around flawlessly.

“Well, now that you have picked your weapons and have a suitable outfit you must rest for your mission tomorrow, it’s pretty late already.” She said ushering him out of the armory and into his dorm. It was extremely hard for Marlo to go to sleep, but when he did he had a peculiar dream that involved his dad. “So ya chose to be a revolutionary did ya.” He said grabbing Marlo’s head and giving it a slight shake. “Well it wasn’t my choice, but I will be forever indebted to them.” Marlo was now looking at his dad as he faded away into a white light. Upon this happening he was awoken by a shake, “Wake up, it’s time to prove your worth!” The captain said with the smile that seemed to be glued on his face. Marlo got up and got ready, he had his trusty swords on his hips ready for anything that was to come his way. “Okay the plan is to go to this small casino the island has, Argus is sure to be there, he is wearing a blue and purple jacket that is laced with strands of gold. He has light blue hair and a five o'clock shadow. His most defining trait is his obesity, he is very fat, now go get em.” The captain said heading to his office. Marlo was now walking off of the ship and onto the island, what he did not know is that revolutionaries were following him the whole time to the casino. It was pretty easy to do seeing as though the island had been taken over by revolutionaries. Anyhow, he made his way to the casino which was pink and had an orange roof with “CASINO” in red letters.

“This must be it.” Marlo said walking into Casino and looking around, in the far back he seen his target playing blackjack with three people around. Marlo waited for him to finished and put on an act for the man. “Excuse me sir! I wish for you to loan me money, I have nothing, but my life to give up to you! I need you the money to get my mother the medicine she needs to cure her.” Marlo had his hands clasped together and in front of his face. “Huh? Um, your life you say? I will loan you the money on one condition. You must be my slave for the rest of your life!” Argus said with a smug face. “Yes! I will do anything, let me take you there!” Marlo said grabbing his hand. “Men, come with me.” Argus brought his men along the walk, Marlo continued to walk until they got deep into the forest. Upon stopping Argus asked “What are you doing? Keep walking or I’ll take my offer back.” Marlo immediately unsheathed his swords and turned around in a swiveled motion dashing at the three body guards coming to intercept Marlo. All three of them took out their daggers with Argus taking out his swashbuckler sword, this mattered not to Marlo as he focused on one body guard catching him with a quickly slice across the abdomen. Marlo made a rookie mistake turning his back to take out one of the guards because another guard followed through with a slice to the boy’s back. Marlo didn’t feel the pain right away, but he knew what had happened, as the dagger exited his skin Marlo quickly took both of his swords and swung them parallely as he turned around taking out another guard. Argus was now caught off guard and tried to run, Marlo wasn’t about to let this happen and began to chase Argus until he was cut off by the final body guard. He came in thrusting his dagger directly at Marlo, but he was able to block it with one of his swords and slashing his jugular with the other. Making quick work of him Marlo was able to catch the slow Argus and cut off his route.

“You lyin’ bastard!” Argus said with fear in his throat. Marlo had no facial expression as he went directly for the slice to the stomach. “Hmph, I’m no pushover!” Argus said easily blocking Marlo’s attack with his swashbuckler. He then went into a fencing stance and tried to take strikes at Marlo, but he was able to block most of them. Two strikes went through, but they didn’t hit vital points, one hit grazed the side of his stomach and the other hit shallowly into the right side of his chest. “Heh.” Malo said seeing an opening in Argus as he thought Marlo was severely hurt, this couldn’t be any further from the truth, Marlo was feeling the best he ever had in his whole life. Marlo jumped in the air and charged his swords for a strong slash downwards. Argus thinking he could block the attack held his ground and put his sword above him ready to block the attack. Marlo knew that gravity would be the decider of this battle as he descended upon Argus’ sword breaking it and then slashing through the fat man. “Whew, that was a workout.” Marlo said breathing heavily. Marlo then took Argus’ sword and took it back to the ship for proof. “You look a little banged up don’t ya?” The captain said now looking a little bit more seriously. “I’m glad you made it back, but it looks like we must train you before you go onto your next mission. Anyhow, good job, you did great today. Go get your wounds treated and go rest rev.” Marlo did just that and that was the end of the day for him. Who knew all of that would have happened in a matter of a day. Marlo laying in his bed began to smile while reading his book “Elbib”.

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