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1 Circus Girl 1 [task] on Tue Nov 17, 2015 4:16 am



It had been a week and a bit since her first call up by the marines, that was the mission of stopping Keith Braus and his gang of pirates from terrorising a town and rescuing the hostaged noble boy. she thought she had done well but had not recieved any further word from her superiors as to what she was to do next. She had picked up her pay and all but that was not what she was looking for in this line of work. Oh well, she guessed that she couldn't have it all at the start. She would just have to try harder to move forward. Boredom had descended on the young lady, her joints had not felt the lovely impact against the face of injustice in that time. Skyla decided that it was time for a trip.

And that is the mindset that had led her to being taken to Centauria on a passenger ship. She had not been to the island in a while as it had grown a little too dangerous for her own comfort. As a popular safe haven for pirates, a lone wolf cub such as herself did not do well in such a harsh environment. But she decided to fight her inhibitions and crack on with the task at hand. As a marine serving under the world government, such weakness would not be tolerated. Yes, she would find some trouble today, she could feel it. Polishing her gauntlets could only stave off her energetic persona for so long, she needed that excitement and thrill that only came with life threatening situations. Adrenaline was like a drug.

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2 Re: Circus Girl 1 [task] on Tue Nov 17, 2015 4:19 am



Landing on the island, she made her way directly into the main town, avoiding large roads and pathways, immediately turning down the darkest streets. The sound of hustle and bustle of everyday busy-bodying faded out and was replaced with silence interrupted with the odd clash of metal. Upon turning round a corner, the girl came across a dingy pub. Any reasonable thought would tell her to avoid barging in but that is what she planned to do so she shut off her brain and swung open the door.

The clang of the swung door interrupted a roar of laughter from the inhabitants, a group of five grungy men leered up at the out of place figure. Well well, what do we 'ave 'ere? The alpha of the pack called out to her. There was no one else apart from an old scarred bartender who looked upon the exchange with mild boredom. At these words, the former performer formed a plan for finding if these five fugly fools were what she was looking for. It was simple and tactless.
Are you idiots pirates or some sort of gang by any chance? A cluster of deep breathy giggles came from the group.
Yeah, we the baddest gang on Centauria, who's asking? Pride was evident in his voice.
A girl who's gonna kick your heads in. With those last words she strutted over to the group as they roared at the provocation. Such simple minds, would they really give her what she was looking for? If they were talking truth about their gang then this may turn out to be an interesting expedition.

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3 Re: Circus Girl 1 [task] on Tue Nov 17, 2015 4:21 am



Little bitch! The first grunt came swinging, a sloppy left hook from an inebriated meathead. Skyla easily hopped back and then smashed both of her fists into either side of his left elbow, smashing it into uselessness. He screamed and the next two came. She danced back to a chair, flicking it up with her foot and onto her head. She balanced it for a while, jumping onto the table to taunt the men. They roared and charged at her. She flicked the chair as a distraction at one and then jumped at the other, loching his head between her thighs and falling behind him. She twisted her core to break his neck and pull him down to the ground on top of her with her arms bunched up on the ground. When his weight rested on her feet, she kicked at the same time as pushing up with her hands, sending him sailing into the other two. A spin kick into the back of the knee of one and a swinging smash into the armpit of another smashed their joints and sent them recoiling. As the last man who still had the will to fight charged arms outstretched, she rolled towards him and jumped up, sending a heavy metal fist into his crotch.

Most were still concious but they had all given up the fight for the time being. They were cowards after all, they could still do something, they still had a reasonable shot if they ordered themselves and attacked intelligently but she realised that they were incapable of this. Not much for the strongest gang in Centauria, are ya? The downed alpha looked up at her with a hate filled leer.
Hah! If you think that is all there is to the Bossman squad then you are gonna get it good! There are way stronger people that are gonna come and make you pay!
Oh really? Tell me more.

~continued Circus Girl 2~

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