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1 Den Den Mushi on Sun Nov 08, 2015 5:58 pm

Den Den Mushi

Den Den Mushi are creatures with the appearance of snails that allow the user to communicate with others that aren't normally around. They act just like cell phones in the manner that they send off waves allowing each other to communicate from long distances. They may take the form of all communication devices and will give the user an edge when needing to call for help, set up plans with those across other seas, or even spy on their enemies while no one is watching. There are many types of Den Den Mushi and all can be purchased. They register as items rather than pets. However, the user may hold two DDM in each item slot since they are generally small and easily portable.

When a person speaks through a Den Den Mushi, the Den Den Mushi will mouth the person's speech and display the person's emotions as well as take on distinctive physical traits of the person on the other end. For example, when someone screams, the snail will scream as well. Den Den Mushi are usually active when someone answers the phone, but once they are hung up, they go to sleep.

Regular Den Den Mushi : This is the most common form of DDM. This allows one to contact another who also has a Regular DDM. The two with the DDM must meet IC in order to "exchange numbers" to be able to call one another. These calls can be made across seas to update one another. When calling someone within the same sea using a DDM, there will be a possibility that the person being called for help will be able to enter the thread. However, to prevent any speedy saves there will be a time fram of which they are allowed to enter. Player 1 must call. Before player 1 makes his next turn Player 2 must answer the call for help. In this post they will decide if they will help or not. 4 Turns after player 2 has made the choice to help, they will be allowed into the thread in order to help their dear companion. These calls can be made anywhere in the world as these are the ultimate form of communication. The downside of using a regular DDM is that it is stationary and cannot be carried around like a Baby DDM. However, the choice of station is up to the person who purchases. This type of DDM will cost 500k Beli

Baby Den Den Mushi: These act just like regular DDM however they only emit signal up to other DDM in the same area as you. This means that if you are in the south blue you cannot call someone in the east blue. To make up for its limited range, the Baby DDM is extremely portable and can be carried around. These are considerably cheaper however, only costing 200k Beli.

Black Den Den Mushi: This type of DDM acts as a wire tap and allows you to keep tabs on what others are communicating about. This applies to calls, pictures and videos. In order for this wire tap to work, it must be within 50m of the person making the call. It will allow the person with the Black DDM to know exactly what is being talked about over the line. This can be countered by using a White DDM. This type of DDM will cost 250k Beli

White Den Den Mushi: This type of DDM acts solely to counter the Black DDM. Attaching one of these to your DDM allows immunity from all Black DDM in the area. This means you can rest safe and sound not worrying about having someone listening in on you. This type of DDM does not take up and item slot once attached to your other DDM of choice. This type of DDM will cost 400k Beli.

Surveillance Den Den Mushi: This type of DDM allows the owner to record video as if it was a camcorder. They usually act as surveillance cameras and will display whatever is seen by them on a set of monitors. These can be used to know when any pesky intruders might enter your sanctuary. This comes with a free Visual DDM which allows the user to see what is captured by the Surveillance DDM. This type oif DDM will cost 600k Beli.

Camera Den Den Mushi: These DDM are used just like a polaroid camera. You take a picture and it prints it out within seconds for you. These can easily be used to capture memories or take scandalous pictures. This type of DDM will cost 200k Beli.

Den Den Mushi can be purchased either in the Equipment Shop or Transportation Shop. It doesn't matter where they are purchased, their usage doesn't change. If carried, Den Den Mushi occupy one equipment slot.

All Den Den Mushi purchases are to happen in the Equipment Shop Topic.

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