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1 [TSK] The Final Battle on Sun Nov 08, 2015 4:41 pm

The Final Battle

The purple sword was a Nodachi, like a Katana but much longer. Once he put it in his belt he realized how tall it was, almost his own height. He decided to just pick it up in his left hand at all times. As he sat back on the ship's deck he had been sailing for a few hours so far, and no sign of any marines. A few hours of sleeping later, Keiji was in the middle of the ocean. He believed that it was too late for the Marines to find him now. Boy how he was wrong. He quickly heard cannon balls hitting the ocean water and exploding in the air. He rapidly grabbed his sword and was ready to fight. How unlucky he was, a marine ship was just coming back from an exploration. The captain of the Marines of Logue Town was aboard that ship.

"Who the hell is aboard that Marine Ship!"

Keiji didn't dare answer.  If he would tell them whom he was they'd come and try to conquer this ship. He couldn't fight a Marine ship in a battle in the water. He'd have to wait until the marines come to him and board the ship. He hid in the captain's quarters and waited for the Marines to board his stolen ship.

After about five minutes, Keiji heard the marines finally jumped on the ship. As the grunts searched for any trace of a human on the ship, Keiji jumped out of the room he hid in. He quickly formed into the hybrid bird form available from his devil fruit. As he grabbed on the ground as if it were life or death, he sprouted wings and a beak quickly grew on his face.

"Anyways you grunts, I believe it's time for you all to die." As he ended his sentence, his wings were placed around him as if he were hugging himself. While he was high in the sky, he started rapidly twirling creating a whirlwind on the ship.

[338 Words]


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2 Re: [TSK] The Final Battle on Sun Nov 08, 2015 4:43 pm

The Final Battle

The oceans were beautiful as the cannonballs crashed into the water as the water responded by it raising into the air about 15 meters. Felix Davenport and his fellow squadron would board a somewhat apparent ghost ship. The marines would separate as they would cover more ground, resulting in a few screams from a distant marine. There was something in thus ship, thus coming to the conclusion that his friends were being taken down one by one. He readied his flintlock and his saber as he returned to their landing location examining the area.

As Felix arrive he could see a fallen marines corpse, as blood trails him the open wound that wasn't shown. It wasn't slow enough of an attack to dodge but felix could remember every second. The blade connected on the skin and slid across the belly region as skin opened wide, cutting beyond the epidermis , entering a bit of dermis. It was a bloody parade as the skills samurai killed his opponent. With his weapon locked onto the samurai he would fire 2 shots that missed its intended location though it alerted his enemy of his location. He was finished though he wouldn't stray from his pride as a marine with four bullets left. He would sprint towards Murasaki as he fired another two shots, following a down slash that would start from the right shoulder to the left thigh. He was shocked, who the hell was this guy and how high was his bounty? Did he even have a bounty. He believed that it was his end, Murasaki would kill him.

[266 Words]


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3 Re: [TSK] The Final Battle on Sun Nov 08, 2015 4:44 pm

The Final Battle

Keiji then had enough time to charge his Senpuu No Topuu, and released it. As it was released a giant whirlwind was released as well on the deck of the ship. All of the approximately, 20 Marine grunts were stuck in the natural disaster caused by Keiji. They were stuck in this whirlwind and couldn't escape or see what was coming at them. Only people on the other side of the whirlwind could see where the people on the inside were. Keiji decided to quickly end this battle by injuring the grunts till they can't fight anymore.

He started to pluck his other most feathers, when he finished plucking he had a total of 20 feathers, 10 in each hand. Once his feathers were plucked they hardened allowing him to use them like throwing knives. Using his insane eye sight capacity, he targeted each one of the marines and threw all the feathers at once. Each of them had went to the right spot, since the grunts had barely moved when they entered the whirlwind. Once the feathers made contact with their body they fell straight onto the ground, injured and couldn't fight anymore.

Keiji then thought to himself, that he would still have to fight the Marine captain and being in this form was draining his energy. He slowly flew down back to the ground and changed back to his normal human form. As the whirlwind died down he could hear the Captain calling for his troops.

"Maggots! What the hell have you found in there?!?"

[257 Words]

Skills Used:

Tier 1 Skill Name: Senpuu No Toppuu
Tier 1 Skill Type: Devil Fruit
Tier 1 Skill Range: 10 meters away
Tier 1 Skill Cooldown&Duration: C: 5 | D: 2
Tier 1 Skill Description: The user rests his wings in a hugging position, as if hugging himself. He then rapidly twirls around, and while reaching higher speed he/she releases their wings. This results in a whirlwind being created and blow in the desired direction of the user. If hit an opponent, the enemy will stay in that whirlwind for the next 2 posts, difficult for enemies trapped in the whirlwind to defend against incoming attacks. It has a radius of 8x10 (widthxheight)

Stamina: 200 - 15 - 5 - 4 = 176


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4 Re: [TSK] The Final Battle on Sun Nov 08, 2015 4:44 pm

The Final Battle

The Marine Captain's voice could heard from the other side of the ship. His deep and ruff voice gave Keiji the chills. He then hid in the captain's quarters again. Once the Marine captain reached the "abandoned marine ship" he was in shock to see all of his men on the ground each with one, what seemed like a dagger, inside them.

"What the hell happened here? Paul, talk to me what fucking happened!"

Their captain put Paul's head on his hand and picked him up. As Paul rested on his captain's hands he coughed up a bit of blood and responded.

" A devil-fruit user… (coughs up blood) very strong… (coughs up more blood)"

"Paul stay with me…"

Paul was the captain's first mate, and being thought to be dead made the captain very angry. He was going to find the person that did this, and kill him. He searched everywhere starting with the bottom of the ship, going upwards. He ended with the captain's quarters.

Keiji had waited for him to be found to he could start fighting, he was tired of hiding. Then finally, the door opened and Keiji jumped out disregarding the marine captain.

"Ah, I'm finally out of that stupid room. I locked my self inside, thank you kind Sir."

"What?!? Are you that stupid? You locked yourself in. Well, I still have to kill you even if you are a stupid bastard."

"Kill me? That's funny, you barely could find me."

When Keiji ended his sentence he started to place his right arm on Blood Weep, and started to slowly unsheathed it. At the same time the marine captain, unsheathed his two daggers that were place on his waist.

"Who the hell are you anyway?"

"I'm Hando, the Marine Captain of Logue Town."

[298 Words]


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5 Re: [TSK] The Final Battle on Sun Nov 08, 2015 4:45 pm

The Final Battle

Once Keiji removed his sword from Hando's stomach, and Hando took the back of his dagger and punched Keiji straight in the face.  He then felt straight on the floor, spitting a bunch of blood out of his mouth.

"That's what you call strong? You're a waste of my time"

Hando finished that sentence and started walking away. The end angered him. Keiji wasn't a waste of anybody's time, and he would show that to Hando right now. Keiji stood up and glanced at Hando's back. He put himself in a grasshopper like position and charge all of his left power into his legs. Then pushed up and flew all the way over Hando. As he was on top of Hando, Hando was confused and shocked at how he had gotten back up. Keiji raised his sword and while falling slashed straight down, cutting Hando's flesh.

Keiji had beaten Hando, leaving him unconscious but before Keiji could pass out as well he had to get going. With all the strength he had left he pushed all the marines back to their ship, including Hando and got his ship moving away. He would go anywhere, anywhere away from the marines for a bit. As he finished what was left, and the ship was moving he fell on the deck and just slept.

[360 Words]

Skills Used:

Tier 1 Skill Name: Falling Feather Slash
Tier 1 Skill Type: Melee Weaponry
Tier 1 Skill Range: 0-8m away
Tier 1 Skill Cooldown&Duration: 5 posts | Instant
Tier 1 Skill Description: The user is put into a grasshopper like stance, and puts all of his force into his legs allowing him to jump into the sky. Once he is in the sky he may unsheathe his sword and while falling he can slash at his foes. The jumping high is 8 meters in the sky and the lunging range of this skill is 8 meters as well.

Stamina: 150 - 15 - 20 = 135

[End of Task]


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