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1 [TSK] The Bank's Entrance on Sun Nov 08, 2015 7:38 am

The Bank's Entrance

After this very vulgar incident in the hotel room, Keiji hopes nobody knows  of it. He locks his room and leaves to wander around in the city the next day.  He still hasn't found where the the bank resided, nor has he found a way to break in.  As he strolled throughout Logue Town, he'd see many marines yet they still didn't recognize him. He supposed that they yet have gotten the order from their highers that he was in town.  Continuing to dawdle in the town, he had decided to ask a towns man where the bank was and got it over with. The first man he saw he went up to and asked.

" Hello sir, can I possibly ask you a question?"

"Yes, go ahead."

"Where is the bank located?"

The man then gave Keiji the closest direction to the town. Keiji laughed and thanked him and left for the bank. It was about a five minute walk before he reached the bank. On the way to the bank, he passed through the local market place. His mouth drooled when he saw the pounds of cooked sea king meat, and the savory delicious chicken meat that was available throughout the market. He was happy that in his past he used to steal and was a town-renowned thief in his home-town. He slowly walked beside the right side of all the stall, and in each stall he would swipe something different without getting noticed. He starts with a small pile, but when he couldn't resist he had stole 80 percent of the market place's meat. He placed all the food in a small alleyway and went to steal some more food. By the time he stole most of the market place, and they were left with almost nothing he returned to the alleyway where he previous stored the food.

[310 Words]


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2 Re: [TSK] The Bank's Entrance on Sun Nov 08, 2015 7:39 am

The Bank's Entrance

As he sat in the alleyway, he loudly munched on all the food he laughed and drank beer all on his own. It must've been a lonely sight for others, yet for Keiji he was having fun. While eating he had decided to draw a map with his great creative ability, where he found the best way to get into the bank and rob it. This was only if the marines hadn't figured out whom he was already. It would have been a stale plan, if they had already started the battle before he even entered the bank , but Keiji was fine with it.

Keiji had still hadn't finished eating and a group of marines came from the bank. They were all walking so cautiously, as if they were reported to find someone. As they looked in the alleyway, they saw someone that matched the alibi their captain had told them about. A purple Kimono, as well as long hair tied back in a pony-tail. They were all sure that it was him, and that if they had captured him they would all get rewarded.

"Guys! That's Murasaki, the guy we're hunting for!"

"Huh? What?..'" Keiji said in confusion. Had the marines sent their grunts to fight him again? He felt ashamed and insulted, for grunts to be sent. Yes, there were more, but more wasn't any better. He could still easily beat them and he would prove it to them, keeping one alive so he could tell their captain of their defeat.

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3 Re: [TSK] The Bank's Entrance on Sun Nov 08, 2015 7:42 am

The Bank's Entrance

The group of ten marine grunts ran up to him. They had an advantage with the setting since Keiji was located in a dead end, nowhere to run away. Yet, was he really going to run away from a bunch of grunts? He would, he'd start the attack and kill them quickly with his devil fruit powers. He just wanted to end this and get it over with. Keiji quickly fell to the ground, grabbing the soil in his hand. His face got redder and his whole body started shaking. The grunts stared at him in shock as he suddenly grew wings on his back, as well as a beak instead of his mouth.

"What is this! Does this man have a devil fruit as well! We can't do this, run!!!"

Keiji didn't let them all leave of course, only one would survive. He was now a half bird, and a half human. As he flew a meter in the sky he started plucking his outer feathers only to hold them like darts. He then held 9 in his hand, each one designated for one of the grunts. Keiji then started twirling around in a circular motion, only to release each one of the feathers at its designated marine. They all were an exact hit, none were missed. Luckily for Keiji, these grunts didn't know what they were doing. This was the first time he would use this attack in a fight, and he was happy that it succeeded. If he was put against a stronger guard, it wouldn't have hit due to there knowledge of these kinds of basic moves. Keiji had one thing to do, tell the final grunt his mission. He flew over to the running grunt and told him what to do.

"Go to your captain, tell him that Murasaki is still here and what I have done. Also tell him what I am capable off, I want a fair fight next time."

[327 Words]

Skills Used:

Tier 1 Skill Name: Umou Hizakake
Tier 1 Skill Type: Devil Fruit
Tier 1 Skill Range: 5 meters away
Tier 1 Skill Cooldown&Duration: C: 2 | D: Instant
Tier 1 Skill Description: The wings in full hawk and hybrid mode are very shark at the end of them. This allows the user to throw them like throwing knives. He plucks multiple feathers off of himself and starts rapidly throwing them at his opponent. The feather may easily penetrate flesh and will become stuck inside the skin unless properly removed.

Stamina: 200 -15 = 185


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4 Re: [TSK] The Bank's Entrance on Sun Nov 08, 2015 7:42 am

The Bank's Entrance

Keiji calmly changed back to his full humanoid form and returned to walking around town after his great feast. After passing the market place Keiji was a lot closer to the bank. He expected to fight much more Marines now, since he caused an uproar in the whole town. He overheard the townsfolk talk about the actions that took place over the two days.

"Have you heard? There is a pirate that the Marine's are asking for. I heard his name was Murasaki."

"What so he's like eggs or something?"

[SIDE-NOTE] Murasaki also means eggs; suppose to be a pun.

"No, no. It' said that he has purple devilish eyes that can stare into your soul."

Keiji never imagined himself as being portrayed as a devilish figure. He was mostly a kind guy, but he had to defend himself. He was hurt emotionally, but he couldn't take their words into account. The marines always twisted stories so the people may be on there side. They never really know what really happens. He didn't think it was the right time for him to explain to the townsfolk. Keiji had finally reached the entrance to the bank, beside it sat a large man waiting for him.

"You must be Murasaki."

"Yes, yes that's me. Seemingly you know who I am, yet I don't know who the hell you are. Please, enlighten me."

"My name is Suko, and I'm here to arrest your egg-eating ass."

"We'll see about that.." Keiji says ending the conversation, while putting his right hand on his sword; his signature move.

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5 Re: [TSK] The Bank's Entrance on Sun Nov 08, 2015 7:44 am

The Bank's Entrance

The marine, Suko, was very large and muscular. Keiji analyzed him, and how he would fight him. Since Keiji is very agile, he could easily dodge his slow attacks. Yet, learning from the battle against the Marine's at the hotel room, he should never underestimate or be overconfident. This guard had brass knuckles, which meant he based his attacks off of boxing most likely. Keiji was ready for this battle, he unsheathed his sword at faced it in front of his face; which his always does.

"So, Mr.Suko, are you ready to die?"

"The question is, are you ready to become a prisoner of the Marines?"

"Well, I guess we'll have to see who is right."

Keiji ran straight at the brute, dodging going in between his legs. Suko had anticipated that style of fighting and picked Keiji up like an ant. He held him in his hand, choking him. Keiji then felt as if he was going to die. It wasn't his time, he couldn't die now. He had to continue fighting, he couldn't give up so easily. He shoves Blood Weep straight into his arm. With the slightest might he had, he fell down to the ground. He wouldn't become a bird-man for this guy. He just had to time his attacks and dodges right. While Keiji was thinking about how to fight this tank, Suko had already started his own attack. Keiji quickly used his last resort to dodge the attack. He ran at his top speed, which he could only do for so long. Suko had hit so hard his brass knuckles were stuck in the ground. Keiji had a chance to attack this man, so he ran up behind his arm and poked his vein; which must have stung like a bitch. The guard had shouted at the tops of his lungs, due to this vein being cut open. He was bleeding profusely, but Keiji didn't want to let him die from blood loss. He wanted to end his life now. Just as he though Suko was over with, Keiji received a punch that was as hard as steel hitting his face. He felt like he was hit by a plane. Keiji fell to the ground and started coughing up a lot of blood.

"You made the bad decisions Suko, it's your time to die now."

[392 Words]

Skills Used:

Tier 1 Skill Name: Foot Play
Tier 1 Skill Type: Supplementary
Tier 1 Skill Range: Self
Tier 1 Skill Cooldown&Duration: 3 posts | Instant
Tier 1 Skill Description: This skill consists of only foot play. This foot play allows the user to have a high percentage of dodging the attack of his foe. Limits to only 1 attack and can logically avoid one tier attack of the same tier or lower as the user.

Stamina: 185 - 15= 170


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6 Re: [TSK] The Bank's Entrance on Sun Nov 08, 2015 7:45 am

The Bank's Entrance

Keiji was pissed, and he was ready to kill Suko. His left eyes glowed red again, a reason why the townsfolk said that he had devilish eyes. He was mad, and ready to end this fight easily killing Suko. Keiji ran around Suko at his top speed, which made Suko follow Keiji with just his eyes. Suko quickly got confused and fell to the ground. Keiji realized that it was time for him to strike and kill. He jumped on top of the guard and walked up to his throat. Slitting his throat would be an easily kill and result in his death. Keiji slowly walked up to Suko's throat, he was tired and ready to get this over with. He put the edge of his sword on one side of the guard's throat and quickly ran to the other side. Keiji wasn't in fully control of his thoughts as Suko gasped for breath with his throat half open.

As Keiji finally got back to his sense, his left eye slowly became its normal purple color again. Suko would be an example of what would happen if you got in Keiji's way. He was ready to walk into the bank, and steal all the money. He opened the bank's door and walked straight in. One of the men that worked that Keiji decided to make open the safe for him. He pushed his hostage toward the sage, and asked him to open it up. The marines were on the outside and were trying to discuss what they would trade for Keiji's hostages.

"Murasaki! We are the Marine's of Logue Town. We must demand what you want in return for the safety of the hostages." Most of the Marines were unhappy with this reasoning, but it was the most logical choice if they wanted the people of Logue Town to stay alive. If the hostages died Marines would most likely loose influence in the town.

"I want a ship and to be allowed to leave Logue Town unharmed."

"That is unreasonable, Murasaki we may not do that."

"Are you sure?"

"Yes, I am"

Once he confirmed that he was sure, the sound of a hostage's screamed echoed in and out of the bank. A hostage has been killed as a sign.

[380 Words]


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7 Re: [TSK] The Bank's Entrance on Sun Nov 08, 2015 7:45 am

The Bank's Entrance

"Enough Murasaki! Do not harm any other hostages, we shall do as told."

"Great decision, I expect a ship in the dock. Thank you"

As Keiji took all the gold from the safe the marines fled and allowed him to easily walk up to the docks. He felt as if it was too easy, it couldn't have been the end of this fight. They gave Keiji a decent size ship, one enough to hold him and him only. He put all the loot he had taken from the bank on the ship, and once he boarded the ship he threw the hostage right off.

"Good bye Marine's I'll see you all another day!"

All of the Marines tried to shoot Keiji, but he was already too far. Little did Keiji know that this was not the end of his fight, he would be fighting the marines on the sea, and would fight even stronger guards. For now, Keiji could sit down and relax on his new ship with a Marine jolly roger on it.

"This is a great time to be alive. That was also a big adrenaline rush, but hey I got alive didn't I." He laughed and finally could put his sword away, putting it back in it's cover.

"How about I explore this ship for a bit?"

While looking around this small ship, he found a captain's quarters where food and such were left behind. He grinned as they forgot to take away their resources for their own army. As he looked around he found something that captured his eyes, and katana with a purple handle. It was so beautiful, he couldn't resist but take it. He put it in-between his belt, beside Blood Weep.

"I should name this sword, but once this battle is over."

[299 Words]

[End Of Task]


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