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1 [TASK] Looking Around! on Sat Nov 07, 2015 12:07 pm

Looking Around!

As Keiji arrives in Logue Town's dock, he sighs in relief. He smells the disgusting smell of marines and coughs. "This town is under marine influence. I better keep my cool and hide off." Keiji says as he ties his raft to a fence post. "That should do it" staring at the halfly made knot, then walks away from the dock only to overhear two marines talking.

"I heard that there was some mass gold coming in from the government to the bank."

"Yeah, I heard the same thing. I was told that the treasure was found on a deserted treasure ship."

"Serves the Pirates right, they shouldn't mess with the Marines."

When Keiji heard that a mass amount of gold was in town, he couldn't help himself but develop a plot to capture it. Yet, he didn't even know where it resided. He decided that instead of pursuing his dream for now, he'd scout the town for about a day or two, and find a place to sleep. Walking around the town, he finally understood how much this town had praised Marines. Luckily, he was yet to have a high enough bounty to be recognized by the Marine Grunts. He found a tall building with a sign that had " Hoteru" written on it. "Guess like this is a hotel I could stay in for about a day or two. Until I do what I have to do" Keiji whispers under his breath ready to enter the hotel.


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2 Re: [TASK] Looking Around! on Sat Nov 07, 2015 12:43 pm

Looking Around!

Keiji opens the door of the hotel, resulting in a very annoying creaking sound. Unlike the inside, the hotel seemed to be very small. The lobby on had one counter and a chair for guests. There was an old women working at the counter, which Keiji had predicted. She looked like one of the nice and happy old ladies, unlike some he has seen in the past that have thrown everything in their belongings at him.

"Hello old lady, is it possible for me to get a room?"

"Why yes, young man but only if you have the gold for it."

"Well m'am, I don't currently have it. I'm waiting for my parents to send me some money by the bank."

"I'll tell you what, I'll give you a week to pay me back. Okay, young man? And that's only because you seem like a gentleman."

"Thank you, I am eternally grateful. You shall receive your payment very soon."

He used his traits for his himself and making others do what he wants. That was very likely of Keiji, shaping people around to make them do what is best for him. Yet, he was sure that he would pay the old lady. She trusted him, and he would not betray her trust. She gave him a key which had the number 4 written on it. He was happy that he wasn't the only person in this hotel. He walked up the stairs only to be found in a decently long hallway, with rooms on the left and on the right of him.


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3 Re: [TASK] Looking Around! on Sat Nov 07, 2015 2:10 pm

Looking Around!

Keiji walked down the hallway until he reached the door with a steel 4 engraved on it. He out the key inside the small keyhole and twisted it to the right, opening the door. A gush of dust was pushed out of the room as if it had never been cleaned before. He was a bit scared about going in, but he had already purchased the room in a way. He gently walked in, disregarding all the dirt and dust located around the room. It even had cobwebs on the side on the the room. Keiji decided to call the receptionist and ask if there was a maid that could clean this mess up.

"Old Lady! Is there anyone that you can call that can clean this room?"

"Yeah, I'm coming up there right now!"

The old lady walked up the stairs and entered the room wearing a maid's attire. Keiji was confused, but didn't want to bother asking if she was going to clean the room herself. She grabbed a broom and started swiping away. She went so quickly Keiji barely could see her cleaning. One third of the job done, she asked if he could leave the room since he was hindering her work.

"Yeah, thats fine I'll let you finish your job."

Keiji walked out of the room, sitting down in the hallway waiting for the grandma to finish. He was very curious to know who was in room 1,2, and 3. He decided to start with room 1. He walked up to the door, and placed his ear on their door.


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4 Re: [TASK] Looking Around! on Sat Nov 07, 2015 3:49 pm

Looking Around!

As Keiji firmly placed his ear on the first room's door he heard the voice of female women talking to her husband.

"Honey, we can't stay in this hotel forever. We've been living here for about 2 months. We have to move from this hell hole."

"I'm trying my best. Being a locksmith and all doesn't pay as well. I need a job that can pay well, something that can help us move now."

This man was a locksmith. Keiji needed one of those to make a key to open the bank's vault. He would knock on the door, and ask for the locksmith and explain his job to him. He had it all planned in his head, until the door opened and he fell down since he was leaning on the door.

"What the hell are you doing!"

"Sorry Sir, I was just uhh.."

"Don't explain yourself just get the fuck out!"

As the locksmith walked away Keiji was scared that this would be his last chance to meet him.

"Wait Sir, I would like to request your services."

"As in services do you mean me being a locksmith?"

"Yes, thats exactly what I mean, yet it seems you don't need my money."

"No, wait" the locksmith says as he reaches his hand out to Keiji

"I need you. I hope you heard what happened to me and my wife. If you could find sympathy in your heart, may you please purchase my services."


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5 Re: [TASK] Looking Around! on Sat Nov 07, 2015 5:21 pm

Looking Around!

"Okay okay, but there is only one way I'll purchase your services. If you allow me to pay after your services are completed."

The locksmith seemed shocked since he had to get the money for his family as soon as possible. Yet if he let this deal go, he could never get a deal like this again could he. He then responded with a cheerful voice.

"Well, I'll accept your terms young man. Ok but, just what is it you want me to do?"

Keiji looked back at his room to see if the old lady had finished, and suprisingly she had. He then made a gesture signaling the locksmith to follow him into his room. Once they were both inside, Keiji closed his door and asked for the older man to have a seat.

"So, can I firstly know who the hell you are?"

"I am Keiji Oyama! But people call me Murasaki, mostly because of my purple eyes. Anyways, I'm a pirate and I have some plans in this city."

Once the locksmith heard that word come from Keiji's mouth he had regretted accepting his deal. If he helped a pirate, he would be imprisoned or even worse executed. If he was to leave now, it was very possible that this man would just kill him. He had to help him, there was no debating about it. He still didn't know what this pirate wanted, he was just using things he has heard to base this pirate.

"So, whom are you Mr.LockSmith?"Keiji had asked with a fun and wide smile.

"Thats none of your business, I'm just here to give you my services."

"Ok... Well hear me out, I want to rob the bank and I'd like you to build me a key to open the safe."


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6 Re: [TASK] Looking Around! on Sat Nov 07, 2015 6:00 pm

Looking Around!

"No, no, no! OH HELL NO!"

The Locksmith said these words out of shock as he ran out of the hotel room. Keiji did not know that there were Marine's in room 2, which was where the locksmith was heading.  He knocked on the second room's door as hard as he could, while Keiji was still waiting in the other room. As the marine grunts open the door for the locksmith, he quickly tries to explain the problem to them.

"Help me Marines! There is a pirate in room 4, he told me himself! Go capture him, please he wants to kill me!"

"What, are you talking about stupid old man. Why should we trust you?"

"Come on, Samuel lets just go check it out."

As the marines walk over to room 4, the locksmith runs back to his room and locks himself in. He didn't want to have any input on this battle, or hinder the marines for beating this pirate up. Once the marines enter the open room, they see a mysterious man sitting on a couch awaiting them.

"Hello Marines, my name is Keiji and I suggest you all leave now before I kill you all."

"To hell we won't!" shouted one of the three marine grunts.

Keiji was ready to fight them and, this was going to be an easy battle for him as well as a warm up for when he has to face the Bank's guards. He put his right arm on Blood Weep and starred into the Grunts' eyes.


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7 Re: [TASK] Looking Around! on Sat Nov 07, 2015 6:23 pm

Dr Hide



World Government's

As the three marines locked eyes with the purple downed pirate in-front of them, they'd slowly ready themselves to catch this cocky pirate. As the entered the room, they'd form a triangle around Murasaki, as it was a simple Marine Tactic when capturing bounties. "All right!Your coming with us! The first of the Marine's would release his Sabre from it's hold on the side of his waist as he'd charge towards Murasaki. He'd attempt to slash downward toward the right shoulder, as another Marine would follow with a thrust motion, aiming towards the left lung.With the two-way assault the remaining Marine would stay put, with his hand gripped to his flintlock, holstered on his waist like the Sabre. They'd each notice his traditional purple japanese wear, which didn't seem common for a pirate, but more for someone who belonged to the Wano kingdom.His dress attire would match his royal purple eyes, as his hair was hung in a pony-tail. It's shiny black coat would reflect off some light that came from the window, blinding the final marine who held onto his weapon.

His options would be limited, as it was rare to escape a situation of this caliber without being scratched. Though the odds may still be with him, as these were only meer grunts. Grunts who didn't know what the world offered, only what the orders of their superiors were and the zero's in their pay check. 

made by sei

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8 Re: [TASK] Looking Around! on Sat Nov 07, 2015 7:00 pm

Looking Around!

As the Marine grunts triangle Keiji, he laughs at their attempts to contain him. Keiji knows that he can't take all three of them at once, but he can take 2 of them easily. They moved a bit closer and Keiji unsheathed Blood Weep holding it straight beside his face. One of the marines rushed at Keiji in full speed with his Sabre, trying to cut him in half. Little did he know, Keiji had great reflexes and was very agile. This allowed Keiji to move away from the brute attack, and was already behind that single Marine. The marine kept running even after he missed Keiji and got his sword stuck in the wall of the hotel room. Keiji, being behind him walked closer to him and shoved the sword right into his heart. Once the sword had penetrated his body, Keiji twirled it 360 degrees resulting in him detaching the man's heart instantly killing him.

"What the hell have you done to Samuel!"

The second marine grunt was very mad as his comrade fell to the ground, lying dead. He also brought his own Sabre out, and aimed for Keiji legs. Keiji then jumped avoiding the sword and fell right on top of it. This made the grunt weaponless, since his sword was under Keiji's food. Keiji laughed out of cockiness, forgetting that a man's own hands can be used as weapons. The same grunt punched Keiji in the face, so hard that he felt his brain move. Lying on the ground, beside the dead marine, Keiji splits out a bit of blood. He slowly gets angered by the punch he receives, resulting in his left eye to slowly glow red. The Marine grunt laughs at Keiji, yet to see how he has angered the pirate. Keiji puts himself in a grasshopper like form and jumps over the Marine grunt. The Grunt was very confused to why the pirate was over his yet he knew that his time was over. As Keiji raised his sword, he sliced his sword downing, deeply cutting the grunt. This left only one grunt left and it was his turn to move.

"Give me all you got, you marine."

Skills Used:

Tier 1 Skill Name: Poke
Tier 1 Skill Type: Melee Weaponry
Tier 1 Skill Range: 0-3m away
Tier 1 Skill Cooldown&Duration: 2 post | Instant
Tier 1 Skill Description: To use this technique, the user puts his hand behind his back around his waist region. Then in one thrust he pushes the sabre forward poking his enemy. When a "Poke" is evoked it will most likely go into the flesh.

Tier 1 Skill Name: Falling Feather Slash
Tier 1 Skill Type: Melee Weaponry
Tier 1 Skill Range: 0-8m away
Tier 1 Skill Cooldown&Duration: 5 posts | Instant
Tier 1 Skill Description: The user is put into a grasshopper like stance, and puts all of his force into his legs allowing him to jump into the sky. Once he is in the sky he may unsheathe his sword and while falling he can slash at his foes. The jumping high is 8 meters in the sky and the lunging range of this skill is 8 meters as well.

Stamina: 200 - 15 - 15 = 170


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9 Re: [TASK] Looking Around! on Sat Nov 07, 2015 7:27 pm

Dr Hide


Being the only survivor, he'd attempt to run. As he lost the grip around his weapon, he'd sprint towards the door in fear, as the Samurai had already slain his comrades. Only to be stopped in front of the door, by the speedy Samurai. He'd stumble to the floor, as his muscles tensed up, and lost control all together. Was his life really about to end? He hadn't seen his daughter Mark in so long, and he wouldn't get to see his daughter Mark ever again if he died here.


Mark, the Marines daughter would run through the grass, of the plains from the Ole Country. Mark's strong chin would shine in the sunlight, like a ripe lemon ready for the squeezing. Mark ran and hugged her father as he was off again, onto the mission that was currently being held. THey'd hug and cry as she watched him walk aboard the giant ship, the government loaned his crew in exchange for their service. "Bye Bye Father.!", Mark would scream, just like the last times he'd come home then leave off again.

[Flash back End]

He'd cover his eyes, as he was prepared to die, waiting extensilvy for the blade's edge to meet his sweet caramel skin that poured out large amounts of sweat due to fear. Fear was the cause for the worlds problems, and this marine began to think of all the big questions knowing he would die. But it was too long before he moved onto the next world, it seemed as if he was given another chance.

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10 Re: [TASK] Looking Around! on Sat Nov 07, 2015 7:44 pm

Looking Around!

Keiji felt bad for the Marine grunt. He was ready to die, and at this moment Keiji's temper had lowered. He had felt bad for the grunt, he didn't think about his family or his friends. Also, if Keiji let this man go he'd tell his captain about his impressive fighting skills. That was exactly what he wanted, to be recognized. To be recognized by the marines as a threat. Someone that could fight them and win. His plan of robbing the bank is yet to have been leaked to the Marines, and he intends to keep it that way.

"You know what you dumb-weighted marine, I'll let you go. Go back to your friends and family. But first,  tell your captain about me and to raise my bounty. It also better be high. You saw what I could do today, and that was just a limitation of my skills."

"Thank you very much kind sir, I don't know how to repay you. You have spared my life, and I shall fulfill your requests. Good bye."

As Keiji moves away from the door, allowing the grunt to leave he looks at the window thinking to himself. He told the grunt that he only portrayed a limitation to his skill, and he was telling the truth. Nobody is yet to know of his amazing devil fruit powers, and he will not use them yet. His devil fruit powers are a back-up plan, his wild card. Something that will pop out when needed most. He intends to use them if he fights against this Marine Captain later on. He ends his train of thought and continues to stare at the window.

[End Of Task]


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11 Re: [TASK] Looking Around! on Sun Nov 08, 2015 7:15 am

First Task Completed!

Link to IC Task: Looking Around!
Word Count: 2721 words.
Additional Bounty or Rep. Notes: Keiji should get a higher bounty since after killing 2 of the Marines, he allowed one to escape and tell his boss about what he had done. The one that escaped had witness the whole thing unfold, and would tell his boss how scary and strong Keiji was (compared to them).

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