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1 The Oceans Ahead, Awaits [Training] on Sat Nov 07, 2015 7:09 am

Owen Sharp



Sweat dropped off of his shoulders as he struggled to maintain his stance. He had been at it for only a minute or so but it was not easy. Owen realized the weakness that would hinder his future endeavors. He had to persist, continue to train his mind and body and only through hard work would he achieve some results. To wield a bo, one needs to have a rhythm, focus and speed. Most importantly, one needs the stamina to continuously withstand the pressure that the body endures with the exertion. A devil fruit is indeed something out of myth and in the right hands can prove to be an ingredient for multiple types of recipes. However, to wield the power of a devil fruit strains the body. Consequently, the body must be strong enough to combine both a devil fruit power and the strain that a weapon puts on the body. Only when combining these two skills would he be able to truly stand against stronger foes. The path ahead of him was full of those and he did not intend to fall; not before his dream was realized. To sail all the seas and see the beauty of nature for yourself while ignoring the laws that would stop him from doing so. In order to conflict the laws, he would have to fight and in order to prevail in fights, he needed to do this. So now the question arises, what was he doing?

Owen had come to realize that if he intended to continue on his journey (which he did), he would have to become more capable. To become more capable, he needed to hone his skills and have the stamina to use those skills repetitively. Therefore, he was now doing stamina training by himself. He had found a quiet place in Orange town. A place at the harbor, not many ships were around so he wasn’t going to be disturbed while he trained.

He had been training for an hour, it was early morning. He stood with his bo placed on his shoulders with a bucket of water hanging from both sides. With the constant weight on his shoulders he walked from one side of the harbor to another. That’s what he had been doing for an hour and it had become difficult with each passing minute. The constant weight only required a constant amount of strength but walking while continuously supporting that weight required stamina. This is how he intended for his stamina to grow. After an hour though, he fell on his behind gasping for air. This wasn’t as easy as he thought it would be. ”Well thing’s for sure, if I continue doing this I’ll get more stamina”. He sat around for half an hour, drinking some water that he had brought along. His overcoat was lying nearby. While he sat and rested, he stared at the vast ocean in front of him. The desire to see what it offered continued to grow within his heart. He knew that this training would help him achieve his goal. He got up once more, picking up his bo and placing it on his shoulders along with the buckets of water. For another hour he walked around the harbor until he couldn’t continue. Once more, he was sitting on his behind again gasping for air.

He continued with the same procedure until his time began to increase gradually. From an hour, he went to an hour and half and then two hours. After getting to two hours, he increased the water in his buckets until the bucket could hold no more. As he walked, the buckets swayed and the water fell. So then he worked on keeping his posture straight enough to maintain the water level in the baskets as he walked. This too required focus and determination but more stamina to continue, hence slowly he began to improve. He could not do it for quite a few attempts but he did not stop. He could hear the sound of the water crashing into the sand. The waves calling out to him, the freedom of sailing the seas awaited him. He could not give up, not now nor ever. Each time he sat and thought for a moment that he could not continue any longer, the ocean right beside him convinced him otherwise. And after a brief pause, he would then continue once more.

He had begun his exercise in the morning and now it had been evening. With breaks to recover his breath and for food and other necessary interruptions, he continued his training. At the end, he took off his shirt since it was too sweaty to wear but he didn’t stop. He had a goal in mind and he was not going to stop until he achieved it. His body was aching, his feet had begun to swell but he could feel the improvement. That’s what kept him going. Finally, he could manage a bucket at each end with full water and very little of it falling as he walked. After accomplishing that, he lay down on the ground happy with his accomplishment. Not a moment after he lay, he fell asleep with a smile on his face. He knew that it was not a ground breaking accomplishment but it was one nevertheless. Small steps, mattered to him and in the long run they would help him achieve what he wanted to.

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