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1Fuck The Walking Dead (Encounter) Empty Fuck The Walking Dead (Encounter) on Fri Oct 30, 2015 8:18 pm

Skeleton x2: Common
Weapons/Abilities: Sword, Shield
Reward: 30,000 Rep - 2 random Candy Bags (as suggested in the other thread) - 2 EXP - 90,000 Beli

Leparo Donquixote

It was late at night and the moon gaze was the only light Leparo had. He was lying down in his row boat wondering how the hell this happened to him. He was weeks away from the Pirate Parade yet here he was on some random island wasting away. He had just been through the wire with the marines and lets just say he needed a means of relaxation.

He knew something of this island but not enough to secure his safety. As his boat reached the shore Leparo rolled out of the boat pushing his body off the ground. The feeling of sand was pleasing considering he was somewhere without incident and hadn't had time to cause a mess here. Which meant he could relax without getting himself in any more trouble than he was previously in on that other island. Pushing off the ground forcing himself to stand up he'd dush the sand off his legs as he gasped for breathe heading towards the section of the woods he was near.

He'd lean up against a tree once in the woods and began to wonder where the hell he was going to get something ot eat from. It was at that point Leparo heard a rumbling in bushes not to far from him which caused him to push off the tree standing up and cracking his neck. He would walk towards the sound he heard but what he found wouldn't he expected... It would be something far from a regular piece of meat.


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2Fuck The Walking Dead (Encounter) Empty Re: Fuck The Walking Dead (Encounter) on Sat Oct 31, 2015 1:16 pm

Leparo Donquixote

As he separated the trees in the forest he noticed what appeared to be a pair of men in skeleton costumes... They looked like they were up to no good but that wasn't Leparo's business. He wasn't trying to see this right now nor was he trying to deal with what they were up to. "Nope he said to himself as he began to turn around and that was when it happened. He felt a a sharp pain in the back of his head which caused him to stop moving as he turned around he noticed a skeleton without a head and another with his body assembled.

"What the..." said Leparo as he saw the skeleton missing a head point down and thats when Leparo saw a skeleton head on the floor dancing causing him to start jetting towards the location he came from. "Why me" said Leparo as he began to run watching the two skeletons run after him at what seemed to be a great speed. Still running Leparo would look back once more and notice one of the skeletons throwing a something at him which he thought was a bone but no as it hit a tree inches from Leparo's head he noticed it was a sword. "Okay" said Leparo as he turned around and punched the swordless skeleton square in the nose Causing the skeleton to shatter into many pieces in a pile.

With that done Leparo would look at the other one who took a stance with his sword and shield. Their swords were shaped like spines and they knew how to use them. As Leparo flicked his right arm his arm blade extended outwards. Leparo took his own stance as he felt something dripping on his right arm and noticed it was a cut.. "What the.." said Leparo as he noticed the pile of bones was missing thats when he felt a slash on his left arm and saw the second skeleton was back together. "Oh, Fun" joked Leparo who as far to tired for this.


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3Fuck The Walking Dead (Encounter) Empty Re: Fuck The Walking Dead (Encounter) on Tue Nov 03, 2015 5:58 pm

Leparo Donquixote

He began to run again. Leparo had an idea on how to beat these two but he had to test it out to be sure. He began to cut through the woods and found himself back on shore. Once there he looked around and saw nothing but sand which was exactly what he wanted. As a slice came from the bushes towards Leparo face he jumped even further back from the forest distancing himself from it allowing one of the skeletons to emerge from the green leaves with his shield and sword. Once back a couple feet Leparo saw the other Skeleton emerge and waited for them to strike. One by one they would strike back to back of eachother causing Leparo to move quite often until he came back with a slide across aiming to cutt them both but missing. Upon his miss he would kick one in the mid section knocking it back causing some of its ribs to fall off. Watching them attach Leparo knew what he had to do and it was simple. He was going off the idea that they were both similar to magnets and that if he got them far away from eachother he was safe. And just like that Leparo ducked under a slash and kicked in a windmill kick one of the skeletons causing his bones to fall a part. As that happened Leparo kicked the other one in his chest pushing him back allowing Leparo to grab the leg and head of the skeleton who was downed. Chucking those bones in the ocean Leparo watched him begin to reform without those limbs causing him to be downed and blind. He would do this again to the other Skeleton but this time taking his legs instead of his head. Once he couldn't see Leparo just stepped on them and chucked their bones in the ocean one by one in different directions.



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4Fuck The Walking Dead (Encounter) Empty Re: Fuck The Walking Dead (Encounter) on Tue Nov 03, 2015 6:15 pm


Pappa Smexy
Pappa Smexy

Fuck The Walking Dead (Encounter) Addtex19
Ugh, okay. Approved & rewards give except for the bags.

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