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1A Daring Rescue [Task] Empty A Daring Rescue [Task] on Mon Oct 26, 2015 12:38 pm



Task Name: Daring Rescue
Tier: 2
Location: Centauruea
Crew, Team, or Personal: Personal
Description: The daughter of a noble family from Baterilla has been kidnapped by Zebedee Meyer, an upstart pirate. This would be a routine rescue mission, except Zebedee has taken refuge on the revolutionary controlled island of Centauruea. As sending in a squad would result in an all out war with the revolutionaries, they've decided to send in one man instead. The mission is simple, infiltrate the island, retrieve the girl and take out Zebedee. However, this would no doubt attract the attention of the revolutionaries, making this a high risk mission. While the ultimate objective is to get the girl to safety, any damage that can be inflicted on the revolutionaries would not go unnoticed.
Enemy Details: 5 tier 0 pirates. 1 tier 1 pirate. 25 tier 0 revolutionaries (optional). 1 tier 2 revolutionary (optional)
Boss: Yes, 2 (one compulsory, one optional)

Zebedee Meyer:

A Daring Rescue [Task] 20120920172419
Boss Name: Zebedee Meyer
Tier: 1
Description: An upstart pirate, who was quickly become well known for his reckless actions, almost like he's intentionally trying to draw as much attention to himself as possible. This manic young man has kidnapped the young noblewoman Ophelia Cadense and has taken her to Centauruea, banking on the revolutionaries to protect him from reprisal. Twisted, he's confident he can get away scot free"
Devil Fruit: Ami Ami no Mi
Haki Aura: N/A
Equipment: N/A
Devil Fruit: 2
Hand to Hand: 1

Nicoli Colt:

A Daring Rescue [Task] Bc-legend1-168x300
Boss Name: Nicoli Colt
Tier: 2
Description: An officer in the revolutionary army, and one of the higher ups stationed at Centauruea. He allowed Zebedee refuge on the island, mainly in order to take the noblewoman into their custody. While he cares little for the pirate, he will not let anyone try to take their prize from them.
Devil Fruit: N/A
Haki Aura: N/A
Iron plated gauntlets (tier 2)
Flintlock pistol (tier 1)
Hand to Hand: 3
Marksman: 2

Anton groaned quietly as the ship slowly pulled into the dock, trying to calm his nerves and appear not so obviously uncomfortable. Unfortunately for him, it was a hard thing to do. After all, the young man was literally stepping into enemy territory. The island of Centauruea had essentially become a training site for the revolutionary army. If anyone discovered who he was, he'd probably be shot dead without a second thought, or worse.

Then again, that was probably why he was selected for this assignment. Apart from dressing differently to most marines, the sight of this timid man didn't exactly bring 'marine' to mind. For all everyone would know, he was just some traveler coming to the island for refuge, especially with the sword he was carrying. Besides, getting in wasn't difficult. The marines had set up for this trade ship to bring him in, under the pretense that he was hired as protection (even going as far as to mention that he was cheap, to accommodate the clear lack of spine). Unless he did something big to cause him to stand out, nobody should look twice at him.

Unfortunately, doing something big was exactly why he was here. A young noblewoman had been kidnapped, and it was Anton's job to go in and get her back. And to punish the pirate responsible. Anton had never considered himself the dashing hero type, not to mention the pirate in question was believed to be insane. He really wished they could have sent someone else in to do this mission. Someone much more competent...and brave.

With the ship finally docked, Anton quietly walked down the gangplank and stepped into the harbour, looking around nervously. Everyone seemed to be going about their own business, though the marine did notice a couple of revolutionary soldiers standing around the place, weapons slung on their backs. They seemed pretty relaxed, confident that at the general moment they were safe, but Anton knew he had to be careful. One wrong move and those weapons would be pointed at him.

Thankfully nobody seemed to be paying him any real mind. Trying not to make any sudden movements, the nervous marine walked into the town proper. The place seemed peaceful enough. Citizens going about their business. It took him a second to remind himself that these were revolutionaries, not tyrants. They weren't going to go around trampling on people's rights.

Now...where to go from here? I can't just ask around about any noblewomen arriving here recently. That would blow everything! Man, they've probably got her locked up in some fortress somewhere.

"Hey, have you heard?" Anton blinked, glancing over in the direction of the voice that caught his ear. Nearby, two revolutionary soldiers were talking, leaning against a nearby building. "You mean about that noble girl they've got?" The first revolutionary nodded. "Yeah, her. Some pirate brought her in. They're being kept over at the inn." "What do you think they're planning to do with her." "Who knows. She is a noble. Ransom her maybe?"

Well...that was convenient...

Anton blinked, drowning out the rest of the conversation. The inn huh? Guess that was where Anton was heading. He looked around as he began to walk again. It shouldn't be too far away right? This village wasn't exactly the biggest. But he had to hurry. What if they decided to move her?

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2A Daring Rescue [Task] Empty Re: A Daring Rescue [Task] on Mon Oct 26, 2015 5:35 pm



Thankfully the inn hadn't been too difficult to find. That was something he was able to ask about without drawing attention. Though the people he asked often warned him about something happening over there. Anton didn't need to guess to know what they were talking about. And so, after a good twenty minutes of searching, Anton was now standing outside of the inn. Or rather, in one of the side alleys next to the inn. While his appearance didn't draw attention, he was certain his other target, Zebedee Meyer, and his crew were here as well. Them seeing him heading towards the room where their little prize was kept would no doubt draw suspicion. And Anton wasn't willing to give up the element of surprise just yet.

Making sure nobody was watching, he began to arduous climb up the side of the building. He wished he could simply transform and leap up there, but if anything attracted attention, it was a large grasshopper man. And so, after a few minutes, Anton was finally able to get up to the second story windows. Holding on for dear life, the man inched from window to window, peeking in while taking care not to get spotted, by anyone in the room or by anyone outside. He had to be sure he found the right one before entering.

Finally, he saw a room occupied by only a single woman, sitting with her back to the window. Anton couldn't see her face, but judging from the attire she was wearing, there was no doubt in his mind that she was who he was looking for.

A Daring Rescue [Task] 250px-Linde_7237

Step one, find the noblewoman, complete! Now for step two...

Slowly, he tried to climb in through the window. Unfortunately, his breaking and entering skills left a lot to be desired, resulting in the young woman turned and immediately noticing him. Her reaction was...less than favorable. She immediately sprang to her feet, grabbed the chair, and was ready to brain him with it before he quickly rose his hands in defense.

"W-W-Wait!" he yelped' "I-I'm on your side! I'm here to help!"

"Oh sure you are!"she resounded harshly, ]"Just climb in through the window and try to kidnap me, just like he did! You're probably just some pirate trying to steal someone else's catch! Well I'm sick of it!" The chair shattered as it collided with Anton's head. "Yow! I'm serious! I'm a marine! Sent in to rescue you!"

The woman paused in her assault to look over him critically. He certainly didn't look like a marine. "Who are you?" Anton groaned as he stood up, rubbing the back of his head. "Ch-Chief Petty Officer Anton La'croix ma'am." he reposed, giving a stiff salute. The noblewoman looked over him, giving a small nod. "And where ate the rest of your men?" Anton blinked. "The rest? Erm, I'm the only one here ma'am."

Her jaw dropped. "Are you kidding me? I get kidnapped, dragged to this revolutionary hellhole, and the marines decided to only see done man to rescue me!?" she shrieked.

"Hey, what's going on in their?" shouted a voice from outside. Dammit! Her shouting had alerted the people outside. Both occupants spun around just in time to see a rather large pirate enter the room, his eyes immediately falling onto Anton. "Hey! Who the hell are you!?" Anton hesitated for a moment before his body acted on his own. With a loud scream, Anton charged at him, sword in hand. Thankfully, the pirate had forgotten to bring a weapon with him, leaving him completely helpless to the blade Anton was flailing around. Blood flew as the sword slashed him across the chest, bringing the pirate to the ground. Anton panted heavily as he looked down at the wounded pirate. Beside him, the noblewoman was frozen in shock.

After a moment of silence, Anton spun to look look at her with wide eyes. "Run!" That snapped her out of it as they suddenly took off into a run, running right into four more pirates in the hallway. Needless to say, they were very surprised to see their captee with another man. Unfortunately for them, the hallway was also very narrow, and Antin was very proficient in the 'flailing like a madman' school of sword fighting. Screaming like a lunatic, Anton charged at them, swinging like crazy, catching the pirates by surprise and slicing into them, knocking them aside. While the strikes wouldn't kill (Anton wasn't focused on killing them)' it was enough for them to te passed them. "This way! HurryhurryHURRY!" he yelled as they ran down the stairs, making a run for the inn door.

However, as they approached the door, something suddenly sprang up to block them. A net? Anton ran headlong into it, with the noblewoman crashing into him from behind. The net stretched before bouncing them back, knocking them both to the floor.

"Well well, what have we here?"

Anton groaned and looked up, seeing into the inn common area. Many of the patrons were staring in surprise, but one man, sitting alone at a table, had his hand outstretched towards them. With wild white hair and a dark green coat, the man slowly rose to his feet. His pale face face turned to them, his eyes like insane spirals as a twisted smile crossed his face. "Looks like we've got a little thief here."

A Daring Rescue [Task] 20120920172419

Anton know who this man was. He was the second target of this mission. The man who had kidnapped the young woman. Zebedee Meyer.

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3A Daring Rescue [Task] Empty Re: A Daring Rescue [Task] on Tue Oct 27, 2015 5:54 pm



Zebedee gave a rather unnerving chuckle as he rose to his feet, just as Anton and the noblewoman were recovering from their little fall. Anton quickly brought his sword up, ready to defend himself, though there was no hiding the look of panic on his face. This man looked like someone who would be a complete psychopath, and it was his mission to fight him. Still, the man didn't appear to be armed. Anton's little show of defiance caused Zebedee to chuckle even more.

"I'm afraid I can't let you take that little bird there," the pirate spoke in a slow, sinister voice, "I've spent too much time in bringing her here to let someone just come and take her from you, you know?"

With a low growl, the noblewoman stepped forward. "I'm not your bird, or anyone else's! We're leaving, and there's nothing you can do abou-" She was cut off when suddenly Zebedee fired a net from his very hand, knocking her against the wall and pinning her against it. Anton was shocked. So that's where that net came from. Was this some sort of devil fruit user? Why hadn't he been told about this? "Are you alright?" he cried out in concern. The noblewoman struggled against the sticky net pinning her in place. "I'm fine!" she yelled out, "Tke this lunatic out! You're a marine aren't you? Fighting pirates is your job!"

"Ohoho, a marine huh?" a twisted smile appeared on Zebedee's face, "You must be crazy to come here for such a girl, especially since the marines obviously don't care about her enough. Well then Mr. Marine," He brought his hand up in the universal gesture of 'come and get it', "Why don't you do your job? Fight me."

Anton hesitated for a moment, before crying out and charging at him. He swing his sword, only for the pirate to casually dodge to the side, again and again as Anton swung in vain to hit him. With a laugh, Zebedee thrust his hands out at Anton, and before the marine realized it, a net just like the one holding the noblewoman was covering him. Anton tried to struggle freel but the thing was sticky, tangling him up the more he thrashed. Zebedee chuckled as he looked at him.

"Not much of a fighter are you?" He swung a fist, catching Anton in the stomach. The marine doubled over as the air was forced from his lungs, before Zebedee brought his leg up and then down onto his head. Anton crashed to the floor, dazed as the pirate then stomped on his back. The noblewoman gasped as she watched.

Zebedee looked up at her with a cruel sneer. "I hate to say it dear, but your little hero isn't up to snuff. I'd say better luck next time, but there won't be." As he laughed, Anton gripping his sword, gritting his teeth in effort. He couldn't let this maniac win. He had to do something. And he did. He screamed.

Zebedee looked down in surprise before suddenly his chest exploded in pain. He stumbled back as Anton flailed wildly, his blade cutting through the net, tearing it to shreds. Zebedee stumbled back against the inn's front desk, bringing a hand to his torso. His hand back back coated in blood from the massive gash running down his chest. In his flailing, e had accidentally struck a rather nasty blow on Zebedee. As Anton freed himself from the remains of the net, the pirate gave an unsettling chuckle.

"Not bad," he said cooly, [color]"Let me show you a little trick as a reward."[/color] He grabbed a glass of water sitting on the desk, probably a drink the receptionist had. With a small bit of effort, he crushed the glass in his fist, cutting into his hand. Anton watched in shock as Zebedee forced the glass pieces into his mouth, crunching them up in his teeth before swallowing. "Since you cut me," his eyes took on a twisted look as blood seeped out from between his teeth, no doubt from the cuts the glass inflicted on his gums, "Allow me to return the favor. Shard Net!"

Suddenly, Zebedee's lower torso seemed to vanish, replaced by a net which shot out at Anton. The marine yelped as he was ensnared, dropping his sword as he was yanked over towards Zebedee. The marine found himself trapped between the pirate's upper and lower half, trapped in the net between. He tried to struggle, but stopped with a yelp. The net was made from sharpened glass, cutting into his skin.

Zebedee laughed maniacally. "Now then! Let's see how many pieces I can cut you into!" Anton cried out in horror when he realized that the net was starting to tighten around him, pressing down on him" the pirate was planning to slice him up like a piece of meat! "No!" the noblewoman cried out in horror. Zebedee just laughed. "Yes! Just watched as your precious hero is sliced into tiny pieces! First I kidnap a noble, now killing a marine, there's nothing I can't do with this power! I'm unstoppable!"

Anton groaned in pain as the glass threads cut into him, drawing blood. What was he going to do? He had no weapon, what could he do against a devil fruit user?

Then he remembered. He had a devil fruit too!

The people watching on suddenly gasped when Anton's skin changed to a green tone. Zebedee blinked as he felt the marine shifting inside the net. "Hey, what's going on down there?" Anton groaned as his body began to change. The glass didn't cut into him anymore, his exo-skeleton providing protection. But now the net was too small. He had to get out! Zebedee eyed as suddenly his upper half snapped outward. Anton was pushing up with his upper half, his powerful grasshopper legs pushing downward, stretching the net to it's limits. "Hey! Stop that! the pirate yelled out, "You can't escape! You're only-" He was cut off by a loud 'twang'. One of the glass threads had snapped. Zebedee's eyes widened. "Oh no..."

There was the loud shattering of glass and suddenly Zebedee's top half went flying through the air. His lower half was now pinned down by the now hybrid zoan Anton. The grasshopper man panted as the pirate's body bounced along the ground. Everyone gasped in horror from the sight, staring at him with wide eyes. Taking some time to recover, Anton moved over towards the noblewoman, picking up his sword and pulling away the net. "Are you ok?" the noblewoman stared at him in shock. "I was not ready for today,"

"What...just...happened?" Zebedee groaned weakly, trying to drag himself towards his lower half. Anton let out a scream and before anyone know it, he was stopping in the defeated pirate's head like he was some sort of bug. "How are you still alive!. You're in two pieces! You should be dead! DEAD!" Anton stood panting over the unmoving pirate, the floor cracked from him effectively stomping the pirate's head into the floor.

That was objective two done for the mission, and Anton was going to have some serious nightmares once this was all over.

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4A Daring Rescue [Task] Empty Re: A Daring Rescue [Task] on Tue Oct 27, 2015 7:54 pm



"Ok, step one, save the noblewo-" "My name is Ophelia Cadense." "Right. Save Opheila Cadense. Step two, defeat the pirate who kidnapped her." "Zebedee Meyer." "Right." Ophelia sighed as they told in the middle of the inn, Anton in his hybrid form and the defeat Zebedee Meyer laying in two halves at his feet. "Now then, what's part 3?"

Anton was about to speak up when the door suddenly burst open. Numerous revolutionaries, all packing weaponry, burst into the room. Their eyes immediately falling on Anton, Ophelia, and the down and defeated Zebedee. Anton looked like a deer caught in the headlights. "Part 3 is run like hell. Before Ophelia could say anything, Anton had scooped up the noblewoman in his arms and was making a run for it up the stairs. The revolutionaries snapped out of it moments later, opening fire with their rifles. Some of the bullets hit, though thankfully Anton's exo-skeleton prevented any real harm (still hurt though). Anton dashed at high speed, running into the first room he could find, and immediately leaping out of the window. Landing on the roof of the building next door. Unfortunately for him, there happened to be plenty of revolutionary soldiers outside of the inn as well. Both Anton and Ophelia cried out as bullets starting flying towards them.

"When I thought about being rescued," Ophelia yelled over the chaos, "I was not expecting to see a man get torn in half, or to be saved by a cowardly grasshopper!" "Yeah? Well I wasn't expecting to be stuck in enemy territory getting shot at! So I guess we're both disappointed!" Suddenly, a blast tore through the roof next to Anton, almost knocking the zoan off of his feet. These guys had bazookas too!? "Watch where you're aiming that thing!" yelled a revolutionary below, "The girl's useless if she's a pile of pulp you jackass!" "This is insane!" Anton yelled out as he broke into a run. On the ground below, the revolutionaries pursued the pair as they ran from rooftop to rooftop. Some of their shots hit the unlucky grasshopper, but his exo-skeleton managed to protect them (his coat on the other hand was going to need some serious repairs).

"Where are we even going?" Ophelia shouted out. "The harbor of course! There's bound to be a boat we can use to get off this island!" "Stealing a bot huh? That's probably the bravest thing you've thought of all day. I mean, apart from sneaking onto a revolutionary controlled island just to save me." Anton blushed as they dashed across the roofs. He could see the harbor closing in, and his long trades were putting distance between him and the revolutionaries" leaping off of the last roof onto the ground below, he dashed towards the nearest boat they could see, a small ship" he couldn't identify who it belonged to, but if you were here you were either a revolutionary or a pirate. You didn't deserve the ship. Quickly placing Ophelia on board, Anton quickly jumped down and slashed the mooring line with his sword, cutting the boat free from the dock. As the marines closed in, Anton used his powerful legs to start pushing the boat away, before leaping up to try and climb on. He gripped onto the side of the ship, Ophelia pulling him up by his tattered coat just in time for bullets to pepper the side of the ship.

Keeping low to the ground to avoid the bullets, Anton crawled over to the mast, releasing the sails. The ship's large black sails billowed out, immediately catching the wind. The ship jerked as it was suddenly pulled away from the dock. Anton dared to stand up, seeing the dock beginning to pull away from them. "We did it..." he couldn't believe it at first, before he let out a whooping cheer, "We did it! We're off the island! We're home fre-"

Suddenly a gunshot ran out. Anton stumbled forward as the shot struck him in the back, a shot of pain running through him. That bullet had managed to pierce his exo-skeleton. Ophelia gasped, his eyes looking at something behind him.

"I'm afraid none of you are free, or going home for that matter." Anton slowly turned around, seeing a man in a black suit with short, orange hair. He had a pistol trained on the pair, mainly on Anton.

A Daring Rescue [Task] Bc-legend1-168x300

"My name is Nicoli Colt, and I'll be taking that girl home with me, if you don't mind."

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5A Daring Rescue [Task] Empty Re: A Daring Rescue [Task] on Wed Oct 28, 2015 6:01 am



Nicoli didn't even wait for a response before firing his pistol again, catching Anton in the shoulder. The marine cried out, gripping the bleeding wound. Bullets couldn't penetrate him before, why were they now? It was clear this man was much stronger than the others.

"Anton!" Ophelia cried out, worried about her rescuer. Groaning in pain, Anton brought his sword up. He couldn't let her get captured again, not after all of this. "Stay back Ophelia," he said, before charging towards Nicoli, shouting at the top of his lungs. Nicoli merely gave a smirk and before Anton knew it, the man was in front of him, his fist slamming into the marine's stomach. Anton's eyes bulged as he swore he heard his exo-skeleton cracking under the force, before he was propelled backwards, slamming into the side of the ship. Ophelia watched in horror as the revolutionary simply cracked his neck and brushed off his gloves, like he had simply taken out the trash, before turning towards Ophelia. The noblewoman tried to back away as he approached, grabbing her arm.

"Now then, why don't we turn this ship around and go home. After all, people age their lives to make sure you were here. We wouldn't want them to be wasted, now won't we?" To be honest, he never really cared about Zebedee. The man was a lunatic. Anton had actually done him a favor by getting rid of him. Ophelia growled. "I don't care how many scum like you give your lives. I'm not going back!" She swung a hand, slapping him across the face and knocking his shades off. The man turned to her, snarling dangerous with feral eyes before he backhanded her across the face. The woman buckled, almost falling completely over had Nicoli not been holding onto her. "You're coming back with me whether you like it or not. The only difference is how many bruises I'd have to give you to do it." he growled in a low voice, causing Ophelia to whimper.

Anton groaned as he pulled himself upright. He had gotten to his feet just in time to see Nicoli slap her. Unforgivable! Even though he was wounded and bleeding pretty badly, Anton could nt stand by while an innocent woman was being assaulted! He had to do something. But what? Nicoli was easily stronger than him, able to bypass his defense. What could Anton do to beat him? His eyes then fell on the mast. It was worth a shot. With Nicoli distracted, Anton ran over towards it, leaping at it. "Hopper Kick!" Anton yelled out as his foot connected with the mast. The would buckled and cracked, the mast groaning as it began to bend and break.

Nicoli turned away from the noblewoman in his grasp just in time to see the mast break, falling like a mighty tree, falling towards him and Ophelia. Ophelia gasped in horror, stepping back from the falling mast as Nicoli merely smirked. "Not bad," he smirked, bringing a fist back, "But not good enough. Ten Ton St-"

What happened next all happened so quickly. Anton kicked himself off the mast, towards where his sword had landed. Grabbing, the sword, Anton suddenly leaped towards the pair, shooting past mike a bullet. As he went past, one pair of arms grabbed hold of Ophelia, carrying her out of danger from the incoming mast. The other pair held his sword, swinging. Unexpecting the attack, the blow caught Nicoli right in the middle, blood flying from the wound. The revolutionary let out a gasp as he stumbled, his attack halted. Seconds later, the mast, uninhibited, crashed down atop of him, smashing the floor below.

Anton panted heavily as he held onto Ophelia. The noblewoman's eyes were wide, almost unable to believe what just happened. "Are...are you ok?" Anton asked. Ophelia blinked. " saved me..."

Suddenly, the sound of voices calling out to them caught their attention. Both looking over, there, not too far away, was a marine ship approaching them. The crew on deck were calling out to them, beckoning them to come over. "It's the marines," Ophelia spoke up, hope rising in her voice, "They've come to get us!" Anton grinned. It was over. This insane little mission was over!

Then there was a sound behind them. "You're not...getting rid of me...that easily...!" Both spun around to see Nicoli climbing out of the Holbein the floor, bleeding badly from the blow, but very much alive, and very, VERY pissed off. "Time to go!" Anton yelped out, grabbing Ophelia and leaping over the side of ship, just in time to avoid Nicoli running over and grabbing at them. The revolutionary cried out in rage as the pair leaped over the gap between the two ships, landing on the other side. It was only then that Nicoli realized that it was a marine vessel next to him, with it's captain glaring daggers at him.

"Open fire." Nicoli didn't have time to cry out as the ship's cannons thundered. Ripping the cripples ship apart.

Safely on the marine ship, Anton released Ophelia before stumbling back and collapsing to the floor, his wounds becoming too much for him. Marines began to swarm around the injured man, as others tended to the noblewoman. Ophelia looked on in concern as Anton was moved onto a stretcher. "Do not worry Lady Cadense," the captain spoke up, "We'll get him patched up. He'll live." He then approached Anton as he was being lifted by the marines, a warm smile on his face. "Rest easy kid. You did a great thing today. You deserve it." Anton could only smile as he closed his eyes. He was just happy that this entire ordeal was over, and that he had succeeded.

Right before he drifted into unconsciousness, he swore he felt Ophelia walk over to him and kiss him on the cheek.

"Thank you, my brave hero."

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