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1 The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo on Sat Oct 24, 2015 7:33 pm


Revolutionary Captain
Revolutionary Captain


the prima parte

Reinaka Grace Sciwalker had been born at 4:32 am on a Wednesday morning. She had an intrinsic fear of parakeets, and owned exactly three hundred and seventy-six musical breath dials. She also sprayed herself four times with honeysuckle body mist every morning : throat, right wrist, then the left one, with a long head-to-toe spray to top it all off. There were myriad other little known, albeit perfectly quirky and interesting, facts about Rei-Rei that most people would never have inferred upon meeting her. Among these curious oddities was an innate love of people-watching. There was a peculiar thrill she got in watching those who didn’t know they were being watched, in observing them in their ‘natural states’, so to speak. Kind of like being a Wildlife Explorer, yeah ? A field researcher for the World Government of all organizations? She liked to think so. It was far better, in her personal opinion, than regarding this kind of behavior as some kind of freaky as hell, perverse form of voyeurism, not to mention far more accurate.

After all, it really was all in good fun, and how could you ever call something ‘voyeurism’, if the ‘voyeur’ part of it barely lasted minutes? Yes, ladies and gentlemen, you heard that right: for all the thrill that she got from watching people, she could barely contain her own excitement and desires to join in on their fun. Well really, what else could you have been expecting? Rei-Rei, of all the people in the world, finding the inner strength and discipline lying beneath all those layers of glitter and nail varnish, to sit still for more than a minute or two? Never. Never in a million years, darling. Never in a million galaxies.

This morning, after hearing the truly glorious news concerning a few missing items in the small po-dunk town, highly valued and only able to be taken the likes of some notorious master thief, Isabelle found herself with ample opportunity to explore her beloved past-time that was people-watching, which would probably be more suitably named were she to refer to it as ‘people-meeting’. After having leapt, bounded and twirled around this corner and that corner, and down alleyways with excitement at the prospect of her hunches and 'nah not hims' being right, thus earning her many a cock-eyed look, and even a handful of wry smiles, she found herself with a multitude of targets, seemingly infinite possibilities and an almost mind-boggling array of leads she could pursue in her six-and-a-half hours of investigative research, of places she could explore, and people she could question. It was enough to make her pretty little head spin, figuring out why this particular girl was on her short list still, picking her a part from afar all morning. After much deliberation, and about twenty-four hours of a few shots here and there, a few beers this way and that way, she finally landed upon a suitable location to approach her: the ladies room. It wasn’t really a final destination, but more of a stepping stone, a gateway to what she would really end up doing today, since…even in her decision, she somehow managed to be indecisive. Silly girl.

The stall door that must have been hiding the pretty girl on a commode flung open to reveal a slightly dishoveled and disordering purple haired navigator with too much shine to her eyes and a scowl that was more like a ponderence.

"Don't try and hide from me by peeing, you... you... peeing little thief!"

Hiccup. Hiccup, indeed.

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