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1 From Up Above and Down Below on Fri Oct 23, 2015 2:17 pm


Revolutionary Captain
Revolutionary Captain


night time fishing

On the sandstone slabs old nets and broken boats can be leftover art. Or a drunk seaman's droppings. Maybe both. Look closer for the brands. It’ll be hard to see on such a night. Sniff the air and a whiff of burnt hazelnut will be there. Its the old man in a rocker. Smoke billowed from his long gold pipe. A white beard hid his lips. The turban kept his hair a secret. Shades protected his eyes. Sheets cloaked his body. Sandals revealed his toes and a long used fishing pole is gripped from blowing away as the westbound wind wheezed by. The swing door behind the man shook. The building he rocked against was tall and built like a chapel. Why anyone would build so close to the waterbank baffled any onlooker. Muted drums & riff beats came from within the structure. Strings and horns flowed out a pitch louder. Laughter interpolated. Hurried footsteps pitter-pattered outside the door. Guzzles echoed from the incoming traffic’s throats. Desperate last slurps of the crowd’s pre-game rituals, allowed with a half-hearted waves by the elderly doorman.

Above the town, the crescent moon glared. Beyond the town, coyotes howled. Snakes hissed like harmonicas. Owls hooted. Trees stretched out like scarecrows and casted shadows. Their prickly green splashed well with the night cold tropic floor. For on the other end of the villa there was only rocky burgundy shorelines and blue. It startled the eye. But, it flared the nostrils. The last entre of the night took to the air and the hair on the back of Rei-Rei's neck stood. Her own pole wavered in her hands and a bit and sat back up at attention, refocusing on her own efforts to catch dinner. Handwraps gloved her palms. Life had kept those hands busy. They had touched, grabbed, torn, ripped and held. Now, idle, they held a stick with a string attached into the deep blue. It had been a whole six hours since she enjoyed her last paid for meal and she was itching for supper. The sea was her last resort. Nevermind the shappy little inn behind the old man. She was so disperate to try and steal a meal... or was she?

When her eyes opened to the old man, he was staring over at her with a small and a nod. How dare he?! She turned her attention full blown to the waters out before her, determined to catch something and prove her self-sustainability. Although she could not see his eyes behind his dark shades, he had the look of someone who liked to lecture and render sagely advice; two things the skypiean wanted nothing to do with.

“Not a whole lotta bothering goin' on with the fish tonight, eh,” the words dripped like lava from his lips.

A reassured nod and sigh was returned to him. The man - the innkeeper as far as she could tell - had heavy feet. He lifted the girth of him and turned and trotted in. The thud of the swing door echoed night in return. The abandoned chapel was haunted with the stench of fun. Smokes swept over the seating area. Dropped pills were crumbled by footsteps along the floor. Darkness swept over, only interrupted by flashes of neon lights from above. A disco ball swirled about and illuminated. Within the clutter of young flesh sprawled from wall to wall was the mummed smacking of lips for sloppy kisses. A bartender set up by the old confession booth smirked at his limping customers. On stage a karaoke set up rocked. But, over at the ledge of the water Rei-Rei was as quiet as a mouse.

She was here for food.

"Tch... asshole."

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2 Re: From Up Above and Down Below on Fri Oct 23, 2015 5:49 pm

Ever since the young Fishman decided to leave his hometown, he wanted to visit the Island he was from. He knew that the journey would be tough, but that didn’t stop Tai from climbing Reverse Mountain. One stroke after another, he climbed the current and hoped that he’d reach the top. After a while of swimming, he learned a lesson that he’d never forget.

Apparently the strength of the water was too much for him and he’d lost control. Soon after that, they pulled him upward and that’s when he thought that he’d succeeded in his goal. His hope, however, didn’t last very long. Shortly after he made it to the top, his body was tossed into the air as if he was a rag doll.

Put me down, I am not some toy for you to play with sea.

What happened next was almost as if the waters had responded back to the Fishman. His body was brought down and instead of getting his wish; he was slammed into the sea. The impact was enough to knock out Tai, but still the current continued to carry him around. Back and forth, his unconscious body would rock against the waves and there was absolutely nothing he could do.

Instead of taking the man towards the entrance to the Grand Line, the current carried him through another route. The route was what most people in the South Blue would take to enter what some called the “Ship Graveyard.” Would Tai be heartbroken after he awakened and found out that he wasn’t close to Fishman Island? Would he take his anger out on the town that he’d land?

There were so many unanswered questions, but sadly none would be answered any time soon. Tai’s body refused to come to life as he was carried by the sea. Some passing fish would see the floating Fishman and wonder if he was dead. Some also fled as fast as they could for they knew the nature of the man’s heritage. They didn’t want to be anywhere near him after he was conscious again.

Soon the wandering Fishman was brought to an Island. Instead of being carried to the shore, it was as if the sea stopped itself and caused Tai to stay still. Right after that, his body slowly sunk until he finally came to his senses. He wasn’t fully aware of his situation, but was able to swim at least. Since he noticed that he was underwater, he decided to swim upward until he could pinpoint his location.

“What the---,” he muttered out and noticed that he was tangled in something.

Upon closer inspection, he saw that it was a fishing line. That’s when he got an idea to toy with the owner of the pole. He then swam in the opposite direction, attempting to give the person a challenge in catching him. As he played around, there was still one looming question. Was it mere coincidence that the sea stopped or was it destiny?

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3 Re: From Up Above and Down Below on Sun Oct 25, 2015 6:38 am


Revolutionary Captain
Revolutionary Captain


night time fishing

Hell-bent and mind set on this, Rei-Rei gave an affirmative nod and bounced lightly on her the balls of her feet in time to the pulsating beats of her mental music: she was ready! Except…well, except she wasn’t, you see, because at that very last moment, she noticed something out of the ordinary that she hadn’t quite remarked before: a yank. Yes, a bite on her line – shed got a few of those from lately, she noted – but this one, it was a pull. No, a yank, although she could tell, even from where she was standing on the edge, a few yards away from water, that there was something evidently wrong with it. That much was obvious, by the scowl on her face, the way her eyebrows were knitted so tightly. Silent as the grave, she pulled the bandages on her forearm taut with her teeth , jammed her heals into the rough dirt, braced her stance to counterbalance the pull of the fish, and mentally steadied herself, all so that she could catch this son of a bitch and finally put something in her stomach.

Sharp, white incisors bit down on her bubblegum-pink lips as she pulled against the tugging of this fish, tried, tried and failed – miserably. It was too much for her. She was lifted off her feet instantly and her faced went crashing into the mud and then drug through it and every other patch of grass or mold earthworm nest that lay between her and the edge of the water. This mega sized fish had met her her match, and it was the match, or dare she say, superior in this bout of strength and wits. Rei-Rei plunged into the water, all swirls and bubbles and purple dyed hair (she swore instantly that if this water missed up her dye she would hunt this fish to the ends of the earth, filet it and then toss it into the trash...

Her balance and sea legs finally coming to she steadied her self in the bubbly blue and opened her eyes underwater, despite the fact that Mama Sciwalker always told her that kids who dont use goggles in water get pink eye. This knowledge handy and accessible from the back of her little cerebral cortex and ready to be used however was for not as she scanned the waters for the...the...

It was a man, no, a fish, no... a fishman. An inaudible scream tore from the girl's water filled mouth and not but bubbles came pulsating out like a nerf gun meant to bring amusement to a little toddler's party. Rei-Rei flapped her arms back and forth, pushing her backward and backward as far as she could from the beast of nightmares, those hellish creatures of the deep. She finally turned and came up to the surface, flapping and splashing and doggy paddling until she finally touched that brim of dirt and began to frantically pull herself up...

A shark...a shark... a boy-shark... a shark-boy... Words no longer worked apparently.

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4 Re: From Up Above and Down Below on Sun Oct 25, 2015 7:06 am

From the way the rope tugged, Tai could tell that he wasn’t playing around with an ordinary human. He remembered that in the past, no one could match up to his strength. Did he decide to pull his prank on the wrong person? It also made him wonder if they were a fishman themselves, but wasn’t sure if something like that was even possible. Would a fishman leave their island?

Guess there’s only one way to find out

Suddenly before the young Fishman knew it, his strength was too much. The owner of the rod went into the sea and that’s when he was shocked. The person didn’t look to be strong at all to him, but he figured that’s what made the world special. You can’t always judge a person by looks alone. Still, he couldn’t help but wonder if the woman was something other than a human.

Directly after that, he could tell that the person was afraid of him. It was something that he’d gotten accustomed to, but was also something that annoyed him. Was he really that terrifying to others? That’s when Tai decided to swim towards the shore. He wondered if that’d make matters worse, but harming them wasn’t on his mind. He just wanted to set something straight.

Just as he was trying to do just that, something strange happened. His legs felt as if they had fallen asleep and refused to respond to his command. Over and over again, he tried his hardest to move them about but nothing would help. It was as if he was a rock waiting to sink further below. He then tried to remember what happened to him.

“Oh yeah that’s right,” he said as bubbles rose to the surface, “I was trying to go home.”

A small flashback then popped into Tai’s head and showed him climbing Reverse Mountain. After awhile he lost his balance and was being tossed by the current against his will. It made him realize just how far away his goal was and angered him to know that he didn’t make it. A rampage was then on the young Fishman’s mind, but sadly he still couldn’t move his legs.

“I am not going to be defeated by fatigue!” he yelled out and then found the strength to move.

Once he was finally able to, Tai swam up to the surface and noticed that it was night. Being submerged was hard for him to tell what time of the day it was on dry land and for some reason he felt as if it was morning. It probably seemed like that seeing as the young Fishman had just woken up. Instead of finding the answer to that, he shook his head and remembered what his original goal was.

“Hello is anyone there?” he said, hoping he’d find the fisherman who tried to hook him, “I’m not here to hurt you...yet.”

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5 Re: From Up Above and Down Below on Sun Oct 25, 2015 7:38 am


Revolutionary Captain
Revolutionary Captain


night time fishing

Maybe…she should go help him. Granted, she knew absofuckinglutely nothing about sharks or shark-boys, but hey! Every deserves a hand, yes? Hells yeah. Empathetic as she slowly began to approach him, just baby steps taken on ballerina pointe – a skill she’d gained courtesy of ten years’ worth of lessons as a child - and Reinaka was downright set on giving the guy a hand, to the best of her abilities. Only, well, a bad case of Schadenfreude struck the girl, and she got the giggles as she saw him grow increasingly frustrated, calling out for help until....

... hurt you yet?

She couldn't stop herself, a rage came over her and before she knew it she was launched into the air with a large branch she'd found laying next to her in the mud. A fire raged in her eyes and a her teeth looked sharp and fang-like in her roar.


The branch came plummeting down with her and snapped with a loud thud and crack as it connecting with the top of the fishman's skull, snapping in two and falling to pieces in the girl's hand. Her loud roar continued until it was just there steady gasps escaping her open mouth, her body in some kind of angry bear pose and her breathing sounding as though it was a roar all its own.

"Take......That......Fishman! That'll....Teach you... to threaten... a lady....."

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6 Re: From Up Above and Down Below on Sun Oct 25, 2015 8:55 am

Where exactly am I?

The first thing that he thought of was his location; he’d never been more than a few islands away from the one that he was raised on. Did he somehow journey further away than that? If he had to guess, he’d place his bet on being nearby Karate Island. Reverse Mountain was close to that island and to him it only made sense that he’d be near there.

Or maybe I’m in another blue altogether I wonder---.

While Tai was caught in the middle of his thoughts, something slammed into his head. The object snapped as if it was a twig and then the words of the owner reached the fishman’s. Granted he knew that he’d threatened her and that was a joke that he knew that one day he’d eventually regret. That, however, didn’t exactly stop the fury swelling inside of him. There was also a bump on his head from the strike and that made matters worse.

“You’re going to need something stronger to take me out,” he said and then walked towards the closest building that he could find.

What happened next scared the citizens that were watching by as the young fishman slammed his teeth into a wooden pillar. Quickly, he chewed through it so that it would no longer be connected which in turn, caused part of the building to collapse in the front. Tai then grabbed the 5 foot object and wield it as if it was a club.

“This should do nicely,” he said as he turned towards the woman, “This is what happens when you anger a Fishman!”

Once he was finished speaking, Tai waved his hand to egg her on. Normally he’d attack first, but instead he wanted to give her a chance first. If he was going to pulverize someone, he first wanted to at least give them a chance to prevent it. Where was the fun in wailing on someone?

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7 Re: From Up Above and Down Below on Mon Oct 26, 2015 8:33 am


Revolutionary Captain
Revolutionary Captain


night time fishing

Along with pinball high-scores, Strawberry Shortcake stickers, and vintage designer dresses bought at discount prices, a midnight showdown on the banks of the ocean with moon high in the sky, in the humble opinion of Miss Reinaka Sciwalker, was more than enough reason for some kind of celebration. Such a momentous occasion, she firmly believed, was deserving of at the very least a little bit of festivity, preferably in the form of laughter, glitter, and many hugs and kisses. There might possibly even be a drink, or two, or four - maybe more - all to be consumed in good company, naturally. Much to her dismay, however, Rei-Rei's company appeared to be unavailable for such foolhardy activities. The fishman looked pissed at her wily assault, but it wasn't Rei-Dear's fault! She seldom could control herself when men, even ones with scales and sharp teeth, threatened her! Even those, to her parent's dismay, that were much stronger, faster, older and more experienced than our little teenage femme fatale.

A fishman! Of all the creatures in the world, Reinaka had been called out by a fishman. Really then, that was just incredible, now wasn’t it – especially considering she'd never even been properly introduced to one before? Indignent as she was at present time, she told herself that this was going to have to be her loss concerning her fishing exploits, because she would not let this opportunity pass her by tonight. A fishman raining on her parade? No way, José. This wasn’t even really rain, after all; it was more of a light shower, or better still, a sprinkling of water. Mist ! There: it was mist, soon to be cleared away, because she was going to go all out despite her hunger pangs, and it would be absolutely splendid, thank you very much.

In fact, she was completely positive that she was going to have a wonderful time, even though she would she might have been severely outmatched in terms of strength, which was really only a minor setback in her mind. After all, although she hadn’t any reason to suppose she could beat a fishman's karate (which they apparently all knew very well) she had to believe in herself and her own strength. It was practically a rule that as long as one has the willpower and a fabulous motivation song to play that nothing would go wrong for them; it happened in all the movies, didn’t it ? In all the good ones, anyway.

She giggled, furociouly! "I've never fought a fishman before, yo! Ohhh MMmm Geeeee! It's so exciting!"

She jumped up and down vehemently screaming and squealing until a look changed in her eye and it was officially go-time! Her finale jump seemed to bring to life some sort of purpose and her little wings seemed to respond to this jolt of energy, bestowing her leap a sort of boom that rocketed her upward and over the distance between and the baseball swinging shark! She squashed to the ground in front of the shark on both her hands and feet, crouched like a little monkey ready to strike. A devilish grin appeared on the girl's face as her tongue stretched out and at the shark!

"Loser. Swing already! Fluuiiiiddd Foot!"

With the shout and a stiffing of muscles, as though a spring coal was being wound and wound and wound, Rei-Rei burst forward and cartwheeling at him, or rather in the direction of his opposite swing. He seemed right-handed, and even right dominant, and would obviously swing from the same direction. Rei-Rei only had to be faster than his swing, which she should be with the addition of her fabulous technique. Hmm Sharks aren't that fast are they?

[technique used]

Skill Name: Fluid Foot
Skill Type: Hand to Hand
Skill Range: 3m
Skill Cooldown & Duration: 3 Post/ Instant
Skill Description: The Chi Blocker must be able to attack the correct and specific pressure points of an opponent if they are to incapacitate them quickly. This requires the ability to sometimes be at all sides of the attacker before they have time to react. Using Fluid Foot, a Chi Blocker to move at their highest speed to get behind an opponent and follow through with an chi attack. While it is not an instant movement, when dealing with an opponent on equal standing with the Chi Blocker it can be all the advantage one needs.

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8 Re: From Up Above and Down Below on Mon Oct 26, 2015 10:45 am

The young Fishman had to admit that it wasn’t his intention to initiate a fight. He just wanted to get his frustration out somehow. He also had a feeling that someone would report him for the damage he’d done. For once he wished that a path of destruction wouldn’t follow him, but first he knew that he’d needed to change his attitude first. Maybe one day he’d change, but there was no changing the past, what’s done was done.

He was also about to drop his weapon until he heard something that he wasn’t sure if he should be angry or feel special. The woman apparently saw Tai as some exotic prize. Was a Fishman on every hunter’s to do list? It honestly made him confused and he didn’t even know how to respond to it.

Wait what?!

As his opponent leaped, the young Fishman saw that she had wings. Was it normal for someone to have things like those or was his mind playing a trick on him? Instead of concentrating on it, he instead shook his head to focus on the task at hand. After he did, Tai noticed that she’d cut the distance between them rather quickly, making him angry at himself. He figured that was her intention all along.

“GLADLY!” he said, responding to her and swung the weapon.

Unfortunately for Tai, he wasn’t exactly skilled in the art of weaponry. He usually solved problems with his fist, so it was no surprise that he couldn’t land a blow on his opponent. Wind trailed off the pillar after each swing and caused more problems for the town. The citizens felt as if a hurricane had entered their town. Their worries, however, didn’t last very long as the young Fishman stopped what he was doing.

“Man….,” he said, falling down and gasping for air, “I’m not used to that sort of thing.”

While the innocent bystanders wanted to be angry at Tai for giving them a scare, they were happy that it had ended. Some would even say bad things about the Fishman, but he was too exhausted to even threaten them. Right as he finally found the strength to stand, he did and stared at his opponent. His glare could be described as a person filled with rage and was prepared to unleash hell onto someone.

“We’ll continue this later,” he said dusting the rubble off his clothes, “I---.”

Tai’s sentence was quickly interrupted by a sound that everyone was familiar with. His stomach growled and that’s when he realized he hadn’t eaten in awhile. He was a little embarrassed at the sound and was about to ask if the stranger had any food. Before he did though, he fell backwards and was unable to say another word. Just what happened to him on his journey to the Grand Line he wondered?

How many days passed by, was he out on the water longer than he first thought? Did he overwork himself and was that the reason for his hunger? There were so many questions Tai’s mind had, but sadly he was too tired to come up with an answer.

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9 Re: From Up Above and Down Below on Mon Oct 26, 2015 11:27 am


Revolutionary Captain
Revolutionary Captain


night time fishing

Reinaka's cartwheel worked as she zipped right by the swing of his wood beam, only she was was not expecting the sheer force behind the fishman's swing. His makeshift bat blew through the swinging motion so fast that she actually missed the act movement of it, leaving one to see the simple ramifications of his attack. The wind picked up and the force of the swing sent gale force wind shifting through the down in the direction of his curve.

Rei-Rei stood behind the man, dazed at what she was seeing. Were all fishman like this? With just a swing he caused all of that? She gulped as she realized that she might have been a goner had that beam struck her with that much force. She stepped back a bit, ending her general follow-up chi strike and putting a little more distance in between them. He turned back to her glaring with a look that she wasn't quite sure she'd quite deserved just yet...

Finally the man seem to collapse and fall to the ground! From the sound of his stomach she'd say he was dealing with the same issue that she was , only much worse. She'd not eaten in maybe half a day. How long did it take to make your stomach sound like that?

"Yoo... you okay? Man, sounds like you've got a engine under that shirt. You should really eat something....just....not me!" The girl laughed and plopped down next to him in Indian-style, interlocking her fingers behind her head and giggling.

"You gotta name, Fish Face? I'm Rei-Rei."

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10 Re: From Up Above and Down Below on Mon Oct 26, 2015 1:34 pm

The world swirled around as the young Fishman closed his eyes and each time, it made him dizzy. He wanted it to stop, but there wasn’t anything he could do. Tai was like a child who was stuck on a roller coaster and desperately cried for someone to free him. Just as he was about to completely faint, he heard someone’s voice. Was it god speaking to him? He first thought that was the case, but realized that it wasn’t.

His eyes flickered open and saw that it was the human from earlier. He chuckled a bit when she made a joke about the Fishman’s food chain and was about to say something clever back. Instead, angered filled his mind again. He’d heard an insult that he’d heard all his life and it snapped his fighting mode back on. He struggled to get up and right as he was about to, he fell back down again.

“WHO YOU CALLING FISH FACE,” he yelled back, as if he was trying to win the argument, “Anyways I’m Tai.”

He himself felt a little strange introducing himself towards someone that he was fighting a few moments ago. That, however, was the last thing on his mind. Food is what he needed and anything thing else didn’t matter to him. Life itself didn’t even concern him at that moment. Thankfully Tai managed to get up and his legs suddenly wanted to give out again.

No damn you, I’m not going back down.

He slapped his knees, refusing to go down again. Once they finally did as he said, he wobbled back and forth as if he was plastered. His staggering soon stopped after someone’s voice appeared out of thin air. The young Fishman thought that it was the owner of the house that he’d destroyed, but he was in a jam. There was no chance for him to flee!

“That’s some strength you have there kid,” the mysterious person said.

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11 Re: From Up Above and Down Below on Mon Oct 26, 2015 3:28 pm


Revolutionary Captain
Revolutionary Captain


night time fishing

Reinaka laughed as he continued to shot at her, despite the fact that he was now in a very vulnerable position. All that strength or not, it counted for nothing if he couldn't even stand up to yield it. Not to mention he couldn't take a joke, let alone a punch at this point in the game.

And then he managed to somehow pick himself back up. Rei's laughter faded out as she watched him struggle against his own exhaustion to stand. Was this the strength of Fishmen or was this the strength of his own will.. Damn, this kid was...

“That’s some strength you have there kid,”

Oh? Rei-Rei followed the voice a few yards to see the old man from before walking towards them. The inn-keeper? She looked back and forth between the two men before realizing what was happening. He was getting all the credit for completely being beaten by her... sorta. Not to mention he was definitely going to hurt himself if he kept trying to stand in this state. His chi was completely off-balanced and very weak. Hmph.


Before they could even react to her shout, Rei-Rei propped up on the balls of her feet and began to jab at the man's leg and side. The taps were so swift and so light that she doubted they actually hurt the man at all...only...their point wasn't exactly to hurt him. There. Last one. She'd sealed the pressure points all around his right leg and side just enough to immobilize enough of the right side of his body to bring him crashing down to the ground.

She quickly jumped up and placed her foot on the man's fallen chest, bellowing loud laughs and poking her chest out in triumphant posture!

"HOO-HOO-HOOOOO-HOOO-HOO!!!" The inn keeper began swooning over the show of force that brought down such a powerful foe as this fishman, Tai. Hmph. Little did he knows she'd simply paralyzed an already tired man, not outright beaten him.

"Oh myyy. I see you're the champion of this duelll!!! Ooh. You both are perfect! I'll need you both immediately! Bring them both in and put them in a spare room!"

Huh? Rei-Rei didn't know who he was speaking to exactly, but several men burst from the inn entrance and grabbed Tai and carrying him into inn, up a flight of stairs and into a freshly prepped room. Rei-Rei followed behind and the man instructed her that he would have some food and drinks brought up for them as well. Not caring what he required from them in return she simply smiled and nodded and entered the room as well. She looked over the fishman as he lay there in the new bed. What could have possibly tired him out like this? She placed a single finger at the center of his chest, pressed down and she could feel his chi return to normal. Well, not normal but he'd be able to move all his limbs now.

She stepped back and held up her hand in a mock display of surrender....

"Ooohh... don't be upsettttt! Hehehe. I did it for your own good. Your body has had quite the beating... you probably shouldn't stand anymore...and eat. A lot. He's coming with food sooo... just stay there! HEehhe."

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12 Re: From Up Above and Down Below on Tue Oct 27, 2015 8:57 am

The first thing that popped into the young Fishman’s head was for him to flee the scene of the crime. He didn’t know how strong the Marines were on the Island and he didn’t want to stay and find out. Tai knew that as long as he’d make it to the sea, he’d be safe. No one would be able to hunt him down in his territory. Before that could happen, he needed to first find his strength.

“W… What?” he then muttered out after Reinaka shouted.

Before even he knew it, the woman quickly rushed towards him and did something to his limbs. When he attempted to figure out her plan, it was too late. His eyes slowly closed and everything around him faded away as if he was in the process of traveling somewhere. Before he fainted, he of course knew who was to blame and that was the person he first met on the Island.

I’ll… get… you… back…

Those few words were all that his mind could utter until he was finally unconscious. After he was, men quickly grabbed him and carried the young Fishman off to a building. They then dropped him onto a bed where he was finally able to get the rest he needed. While he was knocked out, the woman returned and then sparked back his life in an instant. As soon as he woken up, rage filled up yet again inside of him.

“YOU!” he yelled, “I---.”

Tai’s words were interrupted by the aroma of food and clouded all thoughts that he had. He watched as people brought in a cart of all kinds of hotel-styled cuisines. Instead of making the choice of what he should try first, the young Fishman quickly grabbed the first thing that he could, which was a huge slab of meat that was attached to a bone, Quickly, he shoved it into his mouth and started on the rest of the cart’s contents.

Once he was finished and he was full, a burning question appeared on his mind. He figured that when he woke up, he’d be carried off to jail or something. Rather than that, he was brought to a room. Even he knew that it was too suspicious for someone to just give him free food and a place to rest. Was he needed for something or was the owner of the place just kind? Thankfully he received his answer shortly.

“Welcome!” a man’s voice boomed throughout the room, “I hope everything is well---.”

“JUST WHAT IS YOUR INTENTION HERE,” Tai interrupted the man, “No one just gives free food without something in return.”

“Oh about that,” the innkeeper added onto what he was trying to say, “I need the services of both you for a group of thugs.”

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13 Re: From Up Above and Down Below on Tue Oct 27, 2015 11:44 am


Revolutionary Captain
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night time fishing

Reinaka sat on her bed and prepared a plate of food from the different selections as well. Ahh, it felt so good to eat food that other people prepared again. She'd been missing out having to fish and cook her food. She savored every bite, allowing the pieces of filet fish or lobster to salivate in her mouth, the fruit to spread its sweet juices throughout her cheeks and the potatoes to fill her stomach with a heaviness that promised she wouldn't have to eat for at least a few more hours. She was not a big eater, but she was a frequent eater. Proper diets consisted of smaller, well timed meals throughout the whole of the day. Goggled up huge portions once or twice did havoc on her body and figure. She'd not let it all go anytime soon.

"Bandits? How many? Are they really as bad as to hire guards?"

"Well... yes, I'm afraid. The Banditiers, as they call themselves, have been pillaging the town for weeks now. They broken into several nearby inns and I've got a feeling that we're next. Ooh...I don't know how we'll manage to stay open. We don't get much business as is. Please help. You two could take them easily from what I saw..."

"Hmm. Fine with us, sir! We're your guys for this job! Just leave it to us."

The man bowed in relief and exited the room quickly, not wanting to have to offer up much else in return for their services. But that didn't matter cause Rei-Rei was thinking ahead. She stood up and posed with her hands on her hips as if to say she had it all figured out.

"This is perfect, Tai. We get free room and board for however many nights it takes for them to strike her, then we clean them up and turn them in for a bounty! If they'd been harassing the town for weeks then there's bound to be a bounty on em! With me as the brains and you as the muscle, we'll make out like bandits!.... No pun intended"

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Since there was little intel for them to go off from, Tai feared that maybe they weren’t enough. Sure he’d like to say that he was powerful, but still, he was positive that there’d be many dangers that not even he could face in the world. Reverse Mountain showed him that and he’d forever remember that night as a reminder for whenever he’d get full of himself.

“Ha... yeah,” the young Fishman responded back to Reinaka.

The winds of the night air blew and Tai wondered if he should take that as his sign to sleep. Right as he laid down, he stared up at the wooden ceiling, thinking about their mission. It was nice that he’d gotten some food, but he wanted to go to his home Island instead of playing guard for people he didn’t even know. Should he just go and leave it at that? Should he abandon the woman and never look back?

No... I can’t do something like that.

Even if someone was a stranger towards him, he’d never turn his back on them. She did, however, attack him but it would be childish to leave just because of something like that. Their fight wasn’t even serious and the young Fishman wasn’t even injured much. There was absolutely no reason for him to be angry when he didn’t even have a wound on his body that needed days to recover from.


Suddenly as Tai was caught up in his thoughts, there was the sound of something from below. Was it the intruders or was it just the wind? Regardless of what it was, he decided to check it out and hopefully it’d be the bandits. If it was, he’d be able to move on with his life and try to reach Fishman Island again sooner than he hoped for.

“Now let’s see how tough you guys are,” Tai muttered as he rushed out the door to see who it was.

In his rush, the young Fishman had forgotten his shirt and jacket that had he hung out to dry from the sea. Would the bandits fear his appearance or would they stick around instead? For Tai’s sake, he hoped for the former.

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