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1 Island Description on Thu Oct 22, 2015 2:42 pm

Island Description:Hyokaido, which means Ice Highway, is a vast area filled with mostly icebergs and glaciers. The geography is filled with various waterways for ships to pass through. However due to the unnatural movement of the icebergs, ships can easily become trapped. The icebergs that trap ships themselves are normal.

The unnatural movement of the icebergs are caused by the Domo Penguin. The Domo Penguin is a normal-sized yet vicious penguin that in large groups are able to push icebergs from their original location from underneath. They are agressive to humans as they see Hyokaido as their territory. This kind of penguin is only found on Hyokaido.

Hyokaido is nothing more then a absurdly large group of ice, a barren wasteland of cold. Therefore, there are no humans living here. Hyokaido however is a big obstacle in the waters and a detour around Hyokaido would take more than days. Therefore, pirates and Marines alike rather go straight through it with the chance of getting trapped.

Since becoming the drop off zone for people who smuggled themselves through Marie Jois, it has become an island where trade is booming. Not many people stay for long since the weather conditions are so long, but there are multiple Shipwright companies setup here that build ships for people who had to leave their own ship in Paradise or got their ships crushed by the glaciers. This settlement of Shipwrights is the only town on Hyokaido, but it spans for a few miles along the coast. Knowing these people are stranded they are notorious rip off artist and con-men. Buying any ship related product while on this Island increases the price by 50%. Welcome to the New World.

Species: T3-5 Polar Bears|T2-5 Snow Wolves|T1 Domo Penguins|T6 Ice Behemoth
Influence: Pirates
Status: Unclaimed

Housing: 2

Army: N/A

Weaponry: N/A

Population: 1

Technology: 1

Ice Behemoth:

Boss Name: Ice Behemoth
Tier: 6
Description: The Ice Behemoth is a savage beast that is rumored to have caused Hyokaido to be how it is. It was once rumored that it was just a large slab of ice until the monster went on a rampage and fractured the whole island. The Ice Behemoth can stand on two feet and balance like a human, but much rather to travel on all fours. When standing it can stand toe to toe with some giants, standing at a whooping 75m tall. It's extremely strong and hostile in nature. It lives far off away from the single town on Hyokaido, so only those foolish enough to travel out to no mans land or ships that sail through the glacial labyrinth encounter it.
Devil Fruit: N/A
Haki: S-Rank Busoshoku Haki
Equipment: N/A
Strength: 7
Durability: 7
Speed: 3
Perception: 5

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