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1 [NPC] Leonard Gerrin: 42nd Branch on Tue Oct 20, 2015 7:25 am

Name: Leonard Gerrin
Alias/Epithet: -
Race: Human
Gender: Male
Age: 34

Occupation: Shipwright|Dial Specialist
Affiliation: Marine
Devil Fruit: -
Tier: 1
World Position: -
Equipment: Various tools of his trades
Haki Aura: Pugilist

General Appearance: With short stature and stout build, Leonard lumbers loudly where ever he goes. He has a well shaven beard, that if it weren't for his position as a marine, would grow to become shaggy and curly and overtake the man's rather round face. He has developed a heavy musculature due to his work as a shipwright, yet his fingers are delicate and slender drawing stark contrast to his otherwise thick person. He most often wears a large sleeveless marine vest, complete with appropriate cap, trousers, and boots. When off duty, he is often seen wearing comfortable t-shirts given to Marines for such times, and baggy beige shorts.
Height: 5'7"
Weight: 315 lb
Personality: Leonard is a boisterous and cheery Marine who enjoys whistling while he works and enjoying a night out on leave at the local tavern. He has a habit of inappropriately grappling other marines in head locks or with bear hugs. He merely means the actions as affectionate though, and he is just a touchy feely kind of guy. He loves to hear or tell a good joke, and his general sense of humor is rather lowbrow by most peoples standards. Leonard isn't much of a fighter himself, but he tries to provide as much support in whatever job he has been assigned. Most often, he's stationed at the helm of the ship while other Marines take up battle stations. While steering the ship, he often calls out to his comrades with well intended encouragement that often times comes out a bit "wrong".

Despite his rather carefree attitude, Leonard is quite skilled at what he does. He might be singing a raunchy tune while he does it but when tinkering away on ships and dials, especially when under orders from the Marines, he will put all of his focus and effort into his work. He takes pride in the ship he's put in charge of, and can often be found making small repairs or polishing glass during the times that the ship is docked.  Leonard is also always excited by new implementations for dials and to see how his comrades utilize them. He is a man who generally works harder than the next guy, and always strives to laugh harder than the next guy as well. He is a loyal marine and good hearted marine who is kind to his friends, if not a slightly obnoxious one.

Hand to Hand: 1
Melee Weaponry: 1
Devil Fruit: -
Marksmanship 1

Haki: E

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