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1 Anton La'croix on Mon Oct 19, 2015 7:39 pm



Name: Anton La'croix
Alias/Epithet: [Will earn in RP]
Race: Human
Gender: Male
Age: 23
Tier: 1
Mode: Hard

Musician (Primary)
Weapon Specialist (Secondary)
Affiliation: Marine

General Appearance:
Standing at 6'5'', Anton possesses a rather lithe build, often hidden beneath his clothing, causing most people to believe he's skinny, rather than possessing any real muscle. He has rather soft looking facial features, with brown eyes and red hair styled in swirls on the side of his head. This gives him a rather effeminate appearance, and this, along with some of his more eccentric traits, cause people to underestimate him.

In terms of clothing, his attire can be considered a bit over the top, almost aristocratic. He wears a red undershirt with golden trim and frills running down the front, and a pair of white pants. He wears a rather formal green coat with golden trim and eppaulettes, and finishes up the piece with white gloves and red, knee high level boots. Overall, he dresses more like a nobleman than any sort of marine.


Height: 6'5''
Weight: 186 lbs
Crew Tattoo Placement: N/A

Anton is definitely not what you would expect from a marine. For one thing, Anton appears to be a total coward. He tries to avoid violence as best he can, scares easily, and overall seems like a guy who generally doesn't seem to know what he's doing. Anton would honestly prefer to practice his music and spend his time enjoying a nice cup of tea, rather than fighting viscous pirates and criminals. Whenever he's forced into a combat situation, there's always a lot of screaming and flailing around. He's also prone to complaining about stressful situations. He seems like someone who was thrown into the marine life without any say in the matter and hates every thing about it.

However, anyone who actually knows Anton, or has been around him long enough, would know there's a LOT more to Anton than his constant fear. Despite being afraid, Anton NEVER runs when innocents are in danger, and will do everything he can to protect them. He's also very supportive of his crewmates, superiors and subordinates, and will do anything to help them, refusing to abandon them. He's also surprisingly competent marine, proving to be a rather rude awakening to anyone who simply believes Anton to be a pushover. Overall, despite his fear and whininess, Anton truly is a brave individual.

Anton simply prefers to spend his time drinking tea, reading, and practicing on his violin. Music has always been a passion since he was a child, and is always eager to listen to new pieces and new forms. Though his love for music has given him a rather critical ear for sound, and he tends to despise horrid music (it's one of his berserk buttons). Anton is also a very kind and friendly individual, quite pleasant to be around, though he tends to get flustered when he's around pretty women. In terms of his job, he's more on the side of moral justice. Though he will do his job, he'll show a clear displeasure of having to arrest someone who have committed good, often trying to twist the situation to avoid him having to actually do it.
Good music
Peace and quiet
Beautiful people (even if he's nervous around them)
Good hearted people
Bad music
Vicious criminals
Seeing people hurt

History: Anton was born the second son to a rather well off family in Loguetown (not noble statues, but still rather wealthy). Anton's childhood had been rather peaceful and easy for him, having others take care of his needs, allowing him to focus on his musical pursuits, encouraged and thought by his mother, a skilled violinist. Yet despite this lifestyle, Anton didn't grow up into a spoiled brat (again, thanks to the influence of his good hearted parents) and he and his family were rather well liked around the town.

Unfortunately, Anton's life took a rather drastic turn on his 22nd year. A year or so earlier, his elder brother had gone off to join the marines, becoming a shining star amongst the lawful organization. Anton's father was so proud of his oldest son's accomplishments, and decided that his second son (who at his point hadn't done too much in his life), should too join the marines and bring more pride to the La'croix name. Anton disagreed with this, but his father overruled him and before Anton knew it, he was kicked out of his cushy lifestyle and enlisted in the marines.

His father might have regretted this decision, as while Anton was in his training, his elder brother was killed in battle by pirates. By that point though, Anton was well outside of Loguetown and beyond his family's reach.

Despite his personality, Anton managed to make it through training, taking over a year to do so. While most people would look down on this, believing he struggled, his instructors would point out he took so long to ensure he did his training right' treating it almost like practicing his violin and not rushing through it. This gives them, (and any higher ups who were watching him) hope that beneath that frightened exterior is a very competent man who can achieve great things for the marines, and bring honor to the La'croix.

To be honest though, La'croix would have just been happy becoming a concert violinist, but we're stuck with the hand fate deals us.
Face Claim: (Phoenix Wright|Ron Delite)

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2 Re: Anton La'croix on Thu Oct 22, 2015 3:22 pm


Pappa Smexy
Pappa Smexy

Ay girl

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