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1 Wade Lamar Bainbrydge on Sat Oct 17, 2015 7:27 am

Name: Wade Lamar Bainbrydge
Alias/Epithet: The Black Death | Mr.Death
Race: Human
Gender: Male
Age: 28
Tier: 1
Mode: Hard

Occupation: Martial Artist | Marksman
Affiliation: Marine

General Appearance: Wade is a very tall man, standing at 9 feet and 11 inches while weighting in at a great 445 pounds. He has a rather muscular build, having a nice sick pack and biceps. He has very pale, white skin with his face being especially white. He has black, long hair which tend to hand on his shoulders. He has rather long arms and bizarre eyes and a wide smile, along with having one golden tooth. His lips are a black color and have markings around them. He tend to wear rather stylish and fancy clothing at all times, which mostly include his white vest, black under shirt, black slacks and black dress shoes. His top hat is white and has a black band around it, which bares the Marine symbol on it. He is usually seen carrying his cane with him, the very top of it having a glass bulb with two die in it. He also wears fingerless dress gloves.
Height: 9'11
Weight: 445 lbs
Crew Tattoo Placement: Is on the black band around his tophat

Personality: Wade wierdo. He has a very relaxed and calm aura around him at all times and speaks in a low, calm, smooth voice. He tends to smile at random times, if not all the time, and has a tendency not to blink for long intervals and to stare. Despite this, Wade is a benevolent person. Though creepy, is he usually the first one to defend any innocents from harm and is the first one to fight any threat that comes his way. Though this can come off as reckless, he is more so doing it ensure the least amount of colateral damage is done and that the threat is quickly disposed of. He is also the type of person tends to keep any personal termoils to himself, not really showing that he is distressed and usually refused any help. He perfers to solve his own problems himself. Thus, he tends not to have any definite friends or close allies. Only people who help him with his job and thats it. Wade also has habit of observing and studying things he finds to be of interest. He is not quick to judge people, but will act on what knowledge he has on them if needed. He can be described a intellectual, having some knowledge here and there about various subjects. Some history, some astronomy, some mathematics, etc. Speaking to him about such things is a easy way to actually getting him talking casually rather than being silent.

Wade can be described as a man of Moral Justice. Though he would won't refuse a command from his superiors just like that, if it conflicts with his morals, he will disobey without a second thought. However, for things like "Kill Pirate Jog" he will carry this out unless he finds out that Jog did nothing or something VERY minimal. If he doesn't find out, he will simply go ahead without mercy and kill him, doing as he's told. However, this also depends on Jog's character. If he is the type to kill just to kill, but hasn't done anything yet, Wade will still kill him. When fighting, Wade posses a very brutal style of out-right beating the opponent into submission, rather blocking a attack than dodging it so he can counter.
-Video games
-The heat
-Excessively loud things
-Pure stupidity
-The cold

History: Ohara is a place of scientific study. A place of learning. Of higher education. A place not for Wade. When Wade was born, he was a subject of study to his own father, who tried to find out why he was so dreadfully pale when his own skin-tone is a dark brown. This is what began Wade's distasteful relationship with his father. His mother was a sickly lady, already bed-ridden and dying even before he was born, thus, he was stuck with Andrew Martha Bainbrydge for the majority of his life. Though Wade was given a higher education, he did not want to become a scientist like literally every other inhabitant on Ohara. He wanted to be different. To be unique. Thus, many tended to look down on him for his behavior. Wade in his youth was a skilled con man, easily heckling people out of their money and plus more. He was known to rob stores (albiet, candy stores and such, and not even legitimate robbery, more so taking stuff when nobody is looking). This further drove a line between Andrew and Wade, who were already at odds. It wasn't until the age of 13 that Wade felt truly alone, for that was the day his mother passed. He wasn't that close to the woman, but she was the only one who cared for him and inspired him to be what he wants to be. It was then that Andrew began to advance upon Wade slowly, attempting to test on him for various things.

Though their conflict was never in the public eye, both were readily violent towards one another. This grew to it's boiling point when Wade was 14. Andrew somehow managed to get the Hebi Hebi no Mi: King Cobra Model and force fed it to Wade, in a half-assed attempt to make him transform. Luckily, that simply isn't how Devil Fruits worked and Andrew, angered at this lashed out at Wade. Wade, of course, fought back and for the next 4 years, the two felt nothing but disgust towards on another. It wasn't until the age of 18 that Wade hitched a ride on a boat to Logue Town, unbeknownst to his father, and joined the Marines, vowing to end people like him from hurting innocent people.
Face Claim: Deviantart (Melna) - Samedi Sam

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