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1 Shin Sellick on Sun Oct 11, 2015 8:37 pm

Name: Shin Sellick
Alias/Epithet: Blue Reaper Shin
Race: Human
Gender: Male
Age: 21
Tier: 1
Mode: Hard

Occupation: Doctor & Weapon Specialist
Affiliation: Marine

General Appearance:

Shin was always known for his signature blue hair that made him stick out from the group. It was a genetic mystery within his family, since no one in his family knew exactly who he had inherited his sapphire hair from. Even his grandparents during their lifespan could not figure it out. He also wears a long black and yellow stripped coat that his father used to wear during his golden days. Shin tends to wear turtle necks a lot, which he fines very fashionable. He also wears Khaki pants, which seem to be the only color pants that stay neutral to his upper wardrobe.

His signature Tattoo around his right eye was bestowed unto him by his father. His father told him it represented Honor and Justice. This was passed down to the first son's of every generation within his family. So it was only natural it would be placed upon himself. Shin was proud to have this tattoo and carry on his families honor toward justice.
Height: 6ft 3in
Weight: 184lbs
Crew Tattoo Placement: none

Personality: Shin tends to be an introspective person at times, but most of the times he is a laid back chill personality. He tends to go with the flow of things depending on the situation. He is not afraid to speak up when he deems necessary. He likes to socialize with others, because he thinks knowing others and how they think can keep you prepared for almost any action that person creates. Shin finds that different personalities within a group of people is good for a group and even the world. If that was not the case he would find the world very boring. Shin sometimes has the bad habit of eating apples and throwing their core own the ground. He does not know where that habit stems from, but it is something he can not shake off. Shin is a person all about honor, so when he gives his word to do something he sticks by it. So in return he expects others to always stick by their word, because as a person he believes if you lose all things material in this world the only thing you have left is your honor. His father taught him that when was a kid and that stuck with him through out his youth all the way to adult hood.

That is part of the reason he is a marine today. That influence shaped shin into the person he is today and he is thankful for that. Shin also has a soft spot for small animals. He loves nature, but especially cute small animals. He would never own one, because that would be to much of a hassle since he was a marine and his schedule is very busy. Shin does have a habit of torture he like to inflict upon pirates, but at times that conflicts with the honor that his father taught him. It really stems from something in his past that seemed to develop over time as he grew up. He never addressed this habit in his mind, maybe because he did not want to or maybe, because he is afraid to.
Likes: Apples, Small animals, Nature, Socializing, Reading
Dislikes: Thieves, Pirates, Small animal abusers, Liars, Dishonorable people

History: As a kid shin had admired his father who was a marine. He did not know what rank he hailed, but to him he was the coolest person he ever knew. During those times Shin was well protected from the evil of the outside world. He never knew of the ongoing conflict between the government and those no good pirates. He all ways believed the world was a peaceful place where everyone was happy and no one suffered. His mother during those times was the person who placed the biggest veil around him. Her words of warmth made him feel safe and happy every time she would be around him. His mother was also a doctor that worked for the marines as well. She is the one who got shin interested into the medical side of life. She would always tell him that being able to help other and help him made her so happy inside. She always had a smile on her face and never once did shin see that change during his adolescent.

His father was always gone at the time, but when he came home he would always greet his son with a smile and a story telling him how he protected a village from bad guys. He would never go into details to what his job was specifically, but he always returned as a hero to shin. Those times he did come home he would bring back medical books with him intended for his mother and she would share those books with shin. At that time he did not know much of what the books said, but till this day he still owns most of the books and keeps them for future references.

After some years had passed of a peaceful life, things suddenly began to change. The world was becoming more in turmoil and during this time shin had grown into a teen. He began studying the medical field more seriously hoping one day to become a renowned doctor for the marines. He soon began helping his mother treat patients at facilities around the grand line. His father coming up in age would come around with more wounds each time he came back from duty. Just seeing his father like that made shin want to be able to help his father with more than just medicine. He began to push his father to teach him how to use a blade so that maybe he could help him fight. His father was against it, telling him to stick close to his mother and continue to learn aside her. His father did not want his son to see the light of battle and the evil intention of the world, but he could not protect his son from that forever. He continued to push his father to teach him how to fight until he finally took shin out to train and around that time his father told him about the family tattoo, which he later received after months of training.  

As some time had passed after finally getting his father to teach him how to fight one day the marine facility that shin and his mother were located had been attacked by pirates. Alarms and many marines took up arms to protect the place. This was the first time shin had experienced such an atmosphere. He felt nerves and scared, but his mother looked calm and keep focused on the patients in front of her. Shin was so astonished at the time as to how calm she was during that time. His mother told him everything will be fine just continue what your doing we are safe. Shin felt embarrassed at the time ashamed of himself for not having such courage as she did and as his father did. Commotion of combat could be heard echoing through out the building. Sound of anguish and regret filled the air. It was terrifying nothing any one should go through. Soon thing turned for the worse and someone was banging on the door of the room where shin and his mother were located. It was soon broke down and in his sight was a pirate with a gun pointed toward him and his mother. Shin's mother quickly stood in front of shin to protect him. Shin was lost in thought not knowing what to do his heart raced at blazing speed. He thought his life was over until some had stabbed the man from behind. It was his father cover in cuts.

Shin still frozen did not know what just happened, but he felt some relief as his father walked toward him and his mother as the pirate laid dead on the ground. His father began apologizing to shin for what he saw then as he spoke a sword pierced through his fathers chest and a laughter echoed through the room. Shin heard the cry of his mother after seeing what happened to his father and shin himself had a face that looked on with disbelief, which soon turned into rage that he never felt before. As his father fell to the floor shin mind went blank and the next thing that he could remember was a bloody sword in his hand and a dead pirate below him.

A few years had passed after that event and Shin was finally an official marine. Since he was a new recruit he was dispatched to the four blues were he would meet his crew he would be working along with. His mother was still part of the marines only part time helping with patients. She was a strong woman continuing to help other as she always did. She wished shin the best before he left to create his own path as a marine. Se had tears running down her eyes, letting her son know she loved her and gave him some medical books and supplies to take along with him. He gave his his mother a hug and left with a hug smile on his face. Shin was ready for this moment to become someone like his father and mother to protect people from the evils of this world.

Face Claim: Fairy Tale/Jellal Fernnandes

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2 Re: Shin Sellick on Mon Oct 12, 2015 12:09 pm


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