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1 Melissa's updates on Sat Oct 10, 2015 6:21 pm

The wind is howling like this swirling storm inside

General Info

Character Name: Melissa Devaroux
Affiliation: Pirates
Crew: Uruboras Temporary
Occupation: Thief
Treasure Hunter: A bonus from the Thief's Occupation Bonus, you can now steal 50% of someone's total Beli without them having to be unconscious. This action must be graded by a Moderator for success. +1 Tier of Speed.
Tier: 3
Bounty/Reputation: 6,243,750
World Position: Blue Pirate


Hand to Hand: 4
Devil Fruit: 3
Marksmanship: 0
Melee Weaponry: 0

Haki: C-2



Link to Primary Skill Set: Maidens Strength
Link to Secondary Skill Set:Yuki Yuki No Mi
Link to Tertiary Skill Set:
Haki Aura: Haki Of Greed
Devil Fruit: Yuki Yuki No Mi


Weapons: Melissa's gloves

Barman Sabo wrote:

Name: Flying Dutchman
Tier: 4
Capacity Limit: 40
Type: On Water / Flying (One post - CD Three posts)
Nav. or Shipwright Req. Navigator
Artillery Limit: 20
Upgradable: No
Description: The Flying Dutchman is a ship of legends, said to soar through the air on dark, foggy nights when the moon can barely be seen. The Flying Dutchman has a bit of a slimy-green color, and is often surrounded in Green Fog, however this is usually easily seen through and simply an aesthetic. Without much acceleration, the flying Dutchman is able to pick up off of the ground and soar in the air with no technology, simply due to it's mysterious powers.

The Flying Dutchman looks very old and rickety, but this is just for show: it's built with top-quality wood, and chances are it wont break that easy. It's of a medium size, and has a lower deck which is quite... spooky. One will sometimes find a ghost or two on the ship, but they cause no harm whatsoever.

Speed: 28 knots in water and 35 in air
Artillery: Comes built-in with 4 cannons on each side of the ship.
Kairoseki: No
Den Den Mushi Comes with none.
Domesticated None
Link to Purchase or Creation: Candy Bags



Completed Tasks During Tier 1

Completed Tier 1 Topics:

Completed at tier 2:

Completed Tasks This Tier:

Thanks to Raza for the beautiful template <3

Last edited by Melissa Devaroux on Mon Jun 27, 2016 5:41 am; edited 28 times in total

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2 Re: Melissa's updates on Sat Oct 10, 2015 8:35 pm


Pappa Smexy
Pappa Smexy

Okay, approved. But add Haki aura.

"My Justice is unavoidable."
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3 Re: Melissa's updates on Sat Oct 17, 2015 7:26 pm

Topics added

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4 Re: Melissa's updates on Sat Oct 31, 2015 5:07 pm

Current Tier 1
Oceans RP'd In: South Blue
# of Task Completed: Six tasks completed
# of Other Topics Completed: Two socials.
Character Progression Notes:

Melissa began her [IC Life] walking through a beautiful snowy back drop with the man she had been going out with for a year. They were on a date, During this topic, information on how the two began, how the two have changed via the relationship etc were explained such as the difference in persona and attitude from then till now. Alas not all things last though as Leparo decided to kill marines and Melissa, in her annoyance burned the tavern down with him in it. She shed tears yet refused to go back,

Melissa then found herself longing from the home she was banished for, thus headed to an island that would allow her to see her old home. There she found her two old best friends, they shared stories of the past and begun to find out who they were together.

The three took on cannibal pirates and discovered that the time spent apart had fully changed them, not being the same people they were and not the same people they knew. They struggled to work together due to not being one with each other, Melissa showed how she was willing to even after all this time, die to protect them .

Melissa and Leparo were reignited at the pirate parade and her feelings resurfaced. They took on marines and melissa worried that Leparo was dead, when found not to be true, her true feelings almost surfaced.

Melissa went out on her own, having recieved word a monster was terrozing her home, even though banished she returned to the island, killed the monster, but was to scared to set foot in the village.

Melissa needed to find herself thus returned to her thief jobs, relishing in work that did not involve her risking her life for no rewards.

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5 Re: Melissa's updates on Sat Oct 31, 2015 5:11 pm


Pappa Smexy
Pappa Smexy

From T1 to T2 this is okay.

"My Justice is unavoidable."
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6 Re: Melissa's updates on Sat Oct 31, 2015 5:16 pm

Updated for tier 2

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7 Re: Melissa's updates on Sun Nov 01, 2015 6:26 am


Pappa Smexy
Pappa Smexy

o k

"My Justice is unavoidable."
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8 Re: Melissa's updates on Thu Dec 31, 2015 11:49 am

Current Tier 2
Oceans RP'd In: South Blue, West Blue
# of Task Completed: 8 Tasks [two events]
# of Other Topics Completed: 3
Character Development Notes:

Melissa began as a girl whom loved fishman, well that all changed when they struck, it showed her how much she had changed, she had a brother whom was a fishman, yet she never thought twice about killing them, when as a young girl she would never think about harming them. Melissa and Leparo are going strong, they have fought countless enemies together including themselves in terms of hiding their own feelings. A proposal and perhaps little pitter pattering feet are on the horizon? But is everything as it seems. If following her story, the loving girl has begun to show inner resentment and bordom in her life. Her hatred of such a life at this point can be seen especially when talking about how big the crew has gotten. Perhaps such a life is slowly beginning to bore her.

Melissa during the fishmen events found and ingested the Yuki Yuki no mi and took a sabbatical from the pirate life in a way. She trained on her own before meeting the Kuja Naga, the two became quick friends and spent an entire week on an island together training, they then found one another once more in the thralls of a pirate attack which the two easily scuppered. Of course she returned and with her powers helped defeat more of the fishman showing Leparo what she had previously been doing. During this time they encountered Mura whom was a swordsmen who joined the crew, he spoke of hide and Melissa thought they were a gay couple. She was over the moon, gay friends to help her.

Alas this would not last, the trio found hide being beaten by some warriors, the trio stepped in and put a stop to it but Mura fell victim to some kind of illness and has been in a coma ever since. Hide has remained by his side as the doctor, Melissa still thinks they are gay but has not seen them for some time. Alas news of Coniko spread fast and Melissa heard of her second brothers tragic assault. She went to visit him and lets just say the warm heart of the yuki yuki no mi user began to freeze over, perhaps this is a reason for her changing demeanour, life seems less real an dmore fleeting, she has taken more lives than she can count now.

After taking on a few marines whom attempted to capture her after Coniko broke her heart, Melissa returned home to give the others the news about Coniko only to meet up with MArlo, Frank and Mia. DIno like creatures and an ancient zoan had taken over her island. Angry as it is and not caring for the others Melissa defended her home.

She returned to Leparo slightly more distant, yet simply going through the motions, a great actress he seems none the wiser. Melissa is unsure of her future with the gold pirates, unsure of her future of anything. They travelled to Ohara were Melissa is recruiting for the pirates. Her and Leparo had stumbled on to a conspiracy involving the tree of knowledge. Alas her biggest story is unfolding, Melissa has become a tyrant for the 153rd branch of the marines. She has begun an assault, killing and badly injuring over 30 of them on her own and disfiguring the ground. She allowed a "criminal" to escape and every civilian knows who did it. She is ready to annihilate the marines. This is Melissa, her bounty is close to 3 million at this moment and i believe her story speaks for herself.

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9 Re: Melissa's updates on Fri Jan 01, 2016 10:13 am

Young Frank

Revolutionary Captain
Revolutionary Captain

To T3 I approve. Gonna have to be drastic from here after though

[11:24:23] Real Steele : Young metro dafaq is that?
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10 Re: Melissa's updates on Fri Jan 01, 2016 10:16 am

1 point in to Devil Fruit
1 Point in to Hand to Hand

Devil Fruit Rises to three
Hand to Hand rises to four.

Occupational Perk

Treasure Hunter: A bonus from the Thief's Occupation Bonus, you can now steal 50% of someone's total Beli without them having to be unconscious. This action must be graded by a Moderator for success. +1 Tier of Speed.

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11 Re: Melissa's updates on Wed Feb 24, 2016 10:52 am

Haki Training

1k to learn Haki

1721 - 550 Takes Haki to D = 1171
1171 - 1000 Takes haki to C.
590+171 = 761
761 - 600 = 161 takes haki to C-2

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12 Re: Melissa's updates on Mon Jun 27, 2016 5:07 am

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13 Re: Melissa's updates on Mon Jun 27, 2016 6:38 am

Current Tier 3
Oceans RP'd In: South Blue/West blue/ Reverse Mountain/Grandline/Enies Lobby/Impel Down
# of Task Completed: 12 tasks  
# of Other Topics Completed: 8 other topics
Character Development Notes:

Going back to the very start of her journey as a tier 3. Melissa after the events of the 153rd returned to Yotsuba as she had stated, the anger coursing through her body was lethal, deadly, and anyone whom pissed her off would find themselves at her mercy. After giving them a warning Melissa gave them a time limit to change their ways or be eradictaed. After turning the entire area against the marines thanks to the winged marine whom intended to shoot down a large amount of civilians to get to her, Melissa knew she had made a difference, this made her feel appreciated, understood.

During her abscence in the time she had given Yotsuba's marine tower to act, she found herself hearing rumours of her father. The great late Raptor, captain of the legendary Ancient Crew, Still within the West, Melissa would hunt the man whom was speaking of these Rumours, a man known as Rose. the rumour was on that Melissa needed to understand, one stating this Rose killed her father. Of course, her curious nature, and temper led her to find out if this rumour was true. It goes to show that if you think your over something your not, Melissa had already believed she had come to terms with her fathers death, yet her actions against a child whom spoke terrified her.  The rumour was immediatly dispersed, Rose had scowered Raptors house and stolen as much stuff as he could take, it was during this time that they fought and Melissa first not only found out about Haki. but felt its ability to strike her, it was the first time she had almost died...and it terrified her. She knew fully relying on her logia ability would get her killed.

She recovered though was late to her date with Yotsuba, returning she came face to face with Anton once more, Now Anton was a marine Melissa liked but she tarred them all with the same brush and after witnessing the 153rds law she despised them all, even Anton whom she had allowed to live once before. Her attitude, her anger, it all flowed through, she despised Yotsuba and wanted to bring it to its knees. The man with Anton, one whom spoke Melissa can't remember his name, not that she cared would be the one to feel her wrath though, in the end Anton would manage to convince Melissa of his innocence after she had murdered four marines and the strange guy. Deciding she needed to leave and get herself some head space, Melissa allowed Anton to take over, though warned him, she would murder him if he failed her.

Melissa would be contacted by Naga, requesting help in taking out a specefic enemy, one that Naga had prior issues with, Beign loyal to her friends Melissa of course agreed, this showing her own safety and issues were secondary in concern when her friends were in need. They succeeded andNaga gained the Ice ice fruit.

Melissa was able to trackdown a Log Pose, Naga her and Flash met up to aquire it and soon found themselves laughing, they were very alike, a bond, a crew bond like theres. Melissa felt like she was home..causing doubts between her life and Leparo.

She and Leparo were upon a ship, hiding, this would be the last time she spent with him, the last night they would be together.

Melissa showed up, her heart heavy and torn, yet she would flee the blues with her new crew, sending a letter to Leparo to let him know, she was a coward, she was an idiot, she knew all this, she was breaking his heart and breaking her own, but she needed to be her, she needed to find out who Melissa Devaroux could be on her own.

Meeting the other crewmates MElissa was creeped out by spook, drunk and falling thats what she recalled about him.  They entered the grand line, and during there time in the grand line Melissa dn Naga trained each other, showing one another there skills, Melissa showed Naga how to utilize her fruit, warning her to rely on her other skills as much as possible and Naga taught Melissa Haki ans how to harness it.

It would seem they were to be taken to enies, So let me tell you this, Melissa rarely felt fear, but through out the entire time of being in enies, from being disguised to being assaulted, she was afraidm, afraid of blowing her cover even when havign to fight Melissandra, afraid that ten thousand marines would be the reason she died, but more so, she was afraid she would die last...she was afraid she would have to watch Nicky and Naga die, what shocked her was the fact spook appeared when they were drinking, when she let her guard down...but it was not to be,  another fight occured with Melissandras goons after Melissa ha dkilled her, she thankfully was not arrested for that due to the large amount of people whom witnessed the "self defense". Still she was terrified. She needed to do something.

She reverted to her old ways, jsut a bit, donning her cat suit, she decided to return to her thieving ways, throwing caution to the wind to try to bring back the sense of herself she had lost since fighting Rose, since coming to Enies, and it worked for a bit, she felt free.

The cover was soon blown and the trio found themselves fighting hordes of marine but MElissa, she felt free now, felt like she could be herself, the trio fought there way out, destroying enies, but alas upon Vice Captain Orga coming they were doomed it would seem. Though Melissa is angry at Naga ,she is angrier with herself for her loyalty, she should have spoken up with her disagreement of NAga's plan to return to the small island were the remains of the tower of Justice sat, SHE wanted to remain on the building tops while the marines hunted for them they could stay low and get to the train tracks, but no she followed and they relied to heavily on her, she had defeated the enemy prior and saved them from hitting the ground but yet they relied on her strength....she became to exhausted to do anything and she blacked out. They were caught and transferred to Impel down.

Melissa has already fought there, trying to find her allies through haki use. Her hands still bound by sea stone she cemented a bit of her place by revealing her haki capabilities. She needed to find Naga and Flash. Being in Impel, she's not scared, not like she was with the 10,000 marines even though these people could be or are worse, no shes not as worried as she had been. She's focusing because she knows...she's pregnant. She needs to keep calm, keep her compuser, find naga and hopefully find Nicky. She needs to not be the Melissa Devaroux that destroys and gets pissed at things, she needs to be find for her children. She needs to make sure that her andLeparo's children are fine.

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14 Re: Melissa's updates on Tue Jun 28, 2016 12:20 pm


Free Agents
Free Agents

looks fine to me, start in impel down as a t4 sounds like it'll be good inspo, be sure to pick classes when u update ur spec points

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