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1Mea Kurosaki Empty Mea Kurosaki on Sat Oct 10, 2015 6:48 am

Name: Mea Kurosaki
   Alias/Epithet: Amazon of life
   Race: Kuja
   Gender: Female
   Age: 17
   Tier: Tier 1
   Mode: Easy

  Occupation: Doctor
   Affiliation: Pirate
   Tier: Tier 1

   General Appearance: Mea is a petite young teenage girl that normally wears a black hoodie that covers her small chest and black shorts with boots. she has long purple hair and big blue eyes and a small chest size.
   Height: 155 cm
   Weight: 52 kg
   Crew Tattoo Placement: on stomach.

   Personality: Mea is a compassionate and sweet young lady from amazon lily with a soft spot for strong independent men and medicine. she is very patient, resourceful and forgiving to all that she sees as either a friend or crew member but is not so forgiving to her enemies or to anyone she dislikes. Mea is very curious about men and medicine and is very interested in studying the nature of men and the properties of the herbs she uses in the medicine and in hormones to help develop her powers from the hormone hormone devil fruit she has obtained.

she is very smart when it comes to medicine and is very comforting and caring to anyone that needs her care and help with any injury or illness that they had gotten. Mea has a tenancy to get very clingy to some of the male crew members when she is lonely or is very depressed, however if she is mad, she will be very hard to talk to if your male but is very easy to talk to and calm down if your female. She is calm and very content in


  • strong men: Being a Kuja, Mea loves to study men and just adores seeing strong men and them fighting to defend her and other people.
  • Medicine: being a doctor, Mea likes to study medicine and the properties of the medicine, making sure that she doesn't forget which herbs to use for certain medicines.
  • books: studying and reading them, Mea can be found either reading one or writing in her log in her office or at night.


  • weak men: being a Kuja and not knowing much about men, any men that are either too weak to fight for her or run away from fights, she will hate.
  • fighting: though being physically stronger then other people, Mea hates to fight and get into conflicts as it is not in her best interest to hurt or kill others that she doesn't have to.
  • Marines: being a pirate, the Marines are the one thing that Mea dislikes the most and would rather avoid entirely if she can.

   History: Originating from Amazon lily, Mea was born into a very ordinary Kuja family but was born smaller then most Kuja but was treated as a equal then a freak of the Kuja. growing up was difficult for Mea as she was the smallest Kuja ever seen and recorded at the time but she never lost her her smile or her positive attitude. having a love for the sea, Mea would study about it everyday she could so then she could one day go off to the high sea's, plundering off people that deserve to be plundered and to help anyone that needs to be helped by a doctor. Finding a ship to get off of Amazon lily, Mea would sail off away from it and try to find her way out of the grand line and go to the east blue, trying her best not to die along the way to it.

After a long 3 years, Mea would arrive at the east blue, starving but alive, and would try to find some food to keep her from starving to death. she would only be 15 years of age when she would have seen her first man, and would then study their nature and body structure to know how to heal their bodies alongside women's bodies. Mea would find a devil fruit on the island she had called home for the past 3 years and would be curious as to what type of fruit it was and why it seemed different to other fruits she had seen. Mea would decide to become a pirate after being found by Pirates and taken in as a part of their crew, and would decide to become a part of their crew and be their doctor, for being both kind to her and to repay them for rescuing her, and kept her devil fruit for her to eat later.

   Face Claim: Mea Kurosaki from to love ru

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2Mea Kurosaki Empty Re: Mea Kurosaki on Sat Oct 10, 2015 3:48 pm




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