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1 Changes of the World on Thu Oct 08, 2015 4:34 pm

Changes of the World
Constant progression in the world is something that comes natural and should be kept track of. This is what this is and it is simply an extra system and not something essential to the site. This system will log changes in environment, large scale battles, new crews gaining turf, and it is not solely dependent on PC actions. Occasionally even NPCs will have actions logged in here and though their may not be topics ICly showing this, it should be known through these logs that it happened.

Not essential to utilize, but interesting and important to keep watch of, this is our very own World System. A Shichibukai who has gone rogue, followed up by dozens of marine casualties. Revolutionaries or pirates claiming an island as theirs, despite marine retaliation without succes. A new crowning of a king or queen. The politics system is a way to keep the world live and full of activity, so not only PC's have to wreak havoc for the world to keep spinning.

As Turf Wars is going on, people are able to capture islands for their own. Maybe one of those islands is in the territory of a Shichibukai, a Supernova or even a Yonkou. This will cause one of the stated to lose some of their ground which could be a turning point in their battle against another band of pirates. Maybe the revolutionaries have started to sink marine warships, causing the kingdom of Lvneel to lose some of their warstock causing them to more vulnerable.

'"To every action there is always opposed an equal reaction."

This means that whatever PC's will do, there will be consequences that could be world-building creating a rich lore. It is called politics system because it involves the entire world and the balance of the Warlords, Yonkou's and the Marine, and the lurking revolutionary army. This way a island involved in a fight between two pirate crews is getting less popular causing some citizens in towns to lose salary eventually leading to desperate situations where the citizens rebel against their king, queen or president because they are victims of starvation. Because of that, no island stays the same after events.

If players feel they have done something that is worth being logged in an islands description may it be geographical or activity of a specific affiliation, this is where it is submitted/applied for to be considered. While this keeps more of an OOC log of things, a soon to be released News Paper System will be used to supply characters with knowledge of these things ICly. Successfully changing the lore of something, may it be an Island or the World itself yields rewards depending on the scale of the effect. Though you may think something like partially destroying the town of an island is big, in the grand scheme of things -Worldly- it's nothing that grand and though it'll be logged for that island, it won't award you with anything extraordinary.

When applications are filled out and checked, be sure to look for approval, because sometimes your actions don't only effect the world or something physical like a habitat. Sometimes it can do something like draw eyes or even headhunters onto your character. For those looking to claim a World Position, this system is something you should become well acquainted with. This is not a contest to blow up Islands, kill entire populations etc, etc, such things are frowned upon and may even result in voiding, but more so something extra to keep track of things and give things a more realistic feel.

[b]Character and/or Crew Name:[/b]
[b]Link to Topic(s):[/b]
[b]Affiliations involved and how:[/b]
[b]Summary of events:[/b]
[b]Changes to location/world:[/b]

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2 Re: Changes of the World on Sat May 28, 2016 6:11 pm



Character and/or Crew Name: Uroboro's pirates [Melissa Devaroux, Naga D Linnea and Nicky Fashdance]
Link to Topic(s): Character and/or Crew Name:
Affiliations involved and how: Pirates = The three names are pirates, well known in the blues, These three were the destructive force that devastated Enies. MARINES: The marines whom called enies their home, the Vice Admiral helped destroy some of it while the others fought the raging flames and tried to take out the pirates. REVS: A rev leader whom was somewhat useless and unknown made her way across enies, its unknown what happened to her.
Location: Enies lobby
Summary of events: The Uroboros pirates set enies on fire, destroyed a mass amount of homes and areas, destroyed the bridge connecting the tower of justice [funnily enough with the tower of justice which is now all gone] while the VA then proceeded to destroy the majority of that island
Changes to location/world: Enies lobby is essentially ruin filled and charred with flames

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3 Re: Changes of the World on Tue Jul 05, 2016 8:04 am



Character and/or Crew Name:
Link to Topic(s):
Link to Topic(s):
Enies Lobbies
*Lobbies 2*
Enies Lobbies 3
Affiliations involved and how:Marines
Location:Enies Lobbies
Summary of events: I repair the damage she did above^.^ She was long
Changes to location/world: Repair damage

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4 Re: Changes of the World on Tue Jul 05, 2016 8:27 pm


Free Agents
Free Agents

approve d

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5 Re: Changes of the World on Thu Jul 07, 2016 8:27 am



Aye Mit
I am gotten need you to update the desc then please.

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6 Re: Changes of the World on Fri Nov 25, 2016 11:18 pm

Character and/or Crew Name: Junbei Von Echo
Link to Topic(s):
Affiliations involved and how:
Pirates and Revolutionary.
Location: Jaya Island
Summary of events:
Due to Junbei and Songbirds escapades on Jaya, several buildings have suffered damaged due to the conflicts between Kipp, Magneto and Augustus within the topics above mentioned. Infrastructural damage as to which will take a few months to rebuild. It's also to note, due to Augustus slave shipment being delayed, it place a major dampening of slave trades with Jaya. Not add in the countless pirates who are now deaf due to Junbei's Oto Oto No Mi abilities.
Changes to location/world:
- Several buildings in Lower Mock Town and Upper Mock Down completed destroyed.
- Over 100 deafened pirates from Kipp crew and affiliates


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7 Re: Changes of the World on Tue Mar 21, 2017 7:30 pm

Character and/or Crew Name: Rokuju Vinsmoke
Link to Topic(s):
Affiliations involved and how: Event thread: Pirates: Yonko Raphael, Songbirds, Geno, Jack. Marines. Rokuju.
Personal task: Rokuju. Alabastian militia. Factionless invading force of Hamilton.
Location: Alabasta, damage concentrated in capital city of Alubarna.
Summary of events: In the event thread, the city became the battle grounds between marines and the yonko, with a few destructive individuals in the mix, fighting over the treasure hidden beneath the city. The thread ended with the clock tower shooting a sky island above and raining down treasure.
In the personal thread, the city was once again the battle grounds, but this time it was between the affiliationless states of Alabasta and Hamilton. The city was rigged with many traps and the streets were reduced to rubble amid the carnage.
Changes to location/world: The resulting damage of these two threads is massive, leaving the city and it's people in a state that will take a long time to recover from. The once beautiful city looks almost unrecognisable to it's younger self.

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8 Re: Changes of the World on Thu Apr 13, 2017 3:23 pm

Character and/or Crew Name: Junbei Von Echo
Link to Topic(s): Timeskip Promotion | Task Completed After Timeskip Applying Changes
Affiliations involved and how: Pirates, Marines, Cipher Pol
Location: Tres Iron Lotus
Summary of events:
Upcoming rookie Junbei Von Echo with aid of Jade Emperor, Rokuju Vinsmoke and Kibo Yamanaka captured Tres Iron Lotus and modified it's operations to fit suit. The Cipher Pol 8 inhabiting the islands were wiped out, and this was seen as an act against the World Government. However, the facilities weren't destroyed, Junbei bribed the scientists on the islands with funding from his unlimited supplies of diamonds from his previous encounter with Yonko Raphael and his men. During the two years, Rokuju and Junbei re-design the operations of Tres Iron Lotus, now dubbed Quatre Iron Lotus, for the fourth island constructed, slightly smaller than the others, including new defence mechanisms strong enough to ward off a Buster Call. As such, Quatre Iron Lotus had several architectural features, such as the Docking System and Sea Train prints stolen from Water 7, bought on the Underworld Market. Quatre Island Lotus has now become the largest weapon supplier to the Revolutionary Army and Freedom Fighters, selling not only Junbei's Sound Technology but Pacifista Technology to the highest bidder for a bare minimum of 500,000,0000 Million to start. The boom in the economy has made the islands main attraction for tourists and pirates looking to fly under Junbei's banner.

Changes to location/world:

New Description:

Quatre Iron Lotus

Description: After an influx in technological enhancements, the world government had issued the order to construct a series of man-made islands. Self floating and efficient, these islands (three in total) are where the World Government's top scientist live, study, and create. Their main focus is artificial intelligence and the creation of Pacifista. After the invasion of The Songbird Pirates, the technology used to create Pacifista has now fallen into the newly crowned Yonko’s hands. The four islands each have names based on different species of flowers, each having a functional purpose.

Asiatic (Closed) - Possesses the largest supercomputer designed by Jane D. Punk, this computer possesses information which is distributed between the other two ‘iron fortresses’. The mainframe contains Pirate, Revolutionary, Cipher Pol and schematics of the newly designed Pacifista Models. After Rokuju hacked into the mainframe during the Songbird’s Siege, it’s security has been advanced with Germa 66 technology. The island itself is now guarded by Tier 5 Pacifista, each located on the compass map positions, North, South, East and West. Possesses eight land mounted cannons.

Double Rose(Closed) - Major research plant in the chain, if Asiatic contains the information, Double Rose is the warehouse where all engineers live, study and design. After receiving a new surge of diamond funding by Von Echo and his men, the researchers were able to mirror the Docking Architecture of Water 7, using miniature Sea Trains to link the four islands. The port Navy are located here, protecting the scientist from invaders, the Navy has sworn their allegiance as honorary members of the Songbird Crew. Possesses eight land mounted cannons, guarded and supervised by New Chief of Security, Juju Fall, one of Junbei’s musical instruments.

Momo Baton(Open) - The Docking Capital, this is the only island that outsiders can dock at without being rampaged on by Tier 5 Sea Kings. It possess nine land mounted cannons and is supervised by Caprice Rogers, organiser of Junbei’s percentage on all stocks and goods brought within the island. It has the heaviest Pacifista influence, one hundred alpha and beta models protect this island. Ten completed functional Tier 5 Pacifista also protect the port city. In recent times, due to the modifications on Double Rose, the abandoned warehouses have been converted into Auction Houses for Revolutionaries and Freedom Fighters alike. Slavery, trafficking and drug trafficking are strictly prohibited and is punishable by death.

Below each 'Iron Lotus' (despite the name, these islands aren't made of iron) are pulse radars, which emit a sound that are harmful to sea kings which keep the great beasts of the sea at bay. The islands are governed by electronic sound pulses fueled by Junbei’s Oto Oto No Mi abilities, a newly combined effort of the present scientists. The pulses now have two functions, keep the Sea King’s at Bay from the islands themselves and the ability to shoot out Sonar Weapons(containing sound dials), containing a song of Junbei’s that causes Sea King’s and Animals alike to rampage. The only Sea King type creature that has immunity to these pulses, is Wani, The Songbird’s pet banana crocodile. Wani’s ears are plugged with special insulators designed by the Germa 66. The fourth island, is called, Egypt(Open) and it features a gigantic amusement park, with five major stadiums that Junbei performs at quite frequently over the past two years.

Influence: Songbird Pirates - Yonko - Junbei Von Echo
Species: Sea Kings T5-6 | Pacifista Models - Alpha (Tier 3) Beta(Tier 4) Completed(Tier 5)
Log Pose Point Requirement: 25

Housing: Tier 5 (Spending 100,000,000 Million For Upgrade - Egypt (Pharaoh - Castle on the New Iron Lotus)
Army: Tier 5 - 500 T1 Militia Men(Divided among four islands) |+2 T3 NPC Officers (One Double Rose & Other Momo Baton)
Weaponry: Tier 6
Population: Tier 6
Technology: Tier 2

  • Pulse Radars emit sounds to keep Sea Kings around the island at bay.
  • All of the islands have Camera Den Den Mushi plastered on buildings and facilities across the line. Former Cipher Pol Agent, Daisy, newest member and scientist of the Songbird’s, monitors the camera’s twenty-four seven, along with her team, called the Mecha Birds. All stations have Standard Den Den Mushi's to communicate as well.
  • Several Sonar Probes have been sent out inside of a wooden barrels, creating buoy’s used for echolocation technology for incoming vessels, above and below sea level.
  • To travel towards Iron Lotus, the only regular available Sea Route is towards Momo Baton, all vessels are sanctioned to a check by the local Navy authorities. A vessel carrying Seastone hull's can escort you to the island! Call 1-000-900-000 on your Den Den Mushi! This number can be RP'ed being bought from Black Market Dealer's for 5,000,000 Million Beli. A finder's fee of 10,000,000 Million Beli will be needed for escort. (All subject checks still apply.)
  • No human trafficking, drug or weapon deals unless they’re screened Freedom Fighters or Revolutionary Members.
  • Similar Mother of Artificial Maintenance (M.O.A.M) machines have been installed allowing the control-centers on each of the four islands to pick up incoming vessels from any direction.
  • Closed | Open are areas that are shut off to the general public without clearance from Navy or Songbirds.
  • Marine Vessels approaching the island are shot on sight, if they make it pass the Sea King's. Marines are detained and set astray on a rowboat towards beds of Sea Kings. All other factions are welcomed once the previous conditions are met.


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9 Re: Changes of the World on Thu Apr 13, 2017 7:33 pm

The Jade Emperor

Revolutionary Captain
Revolutionary Captain

Good to go

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10 Re: Changes of the World on Fri May 12, 2017 5:32 pm

Character and/or Crew Name: Junbei Von Echo - Songbird Pirates
Link to Topic(s):
Affiliations involved and how: Pirates
Location: Tres Iron Lotus
Summary of events:
Junbei Von Echo, newest Yonko turns over Oceanus's General, Tidus(and his men) deafened and severely injured to the World Government by dumping them on an abandoned vessel to heading towards Enies Lobby.
Changes to location/world: Oceanus receives news that his General is now in the World Governments hands.


Real badass. Hated by Many. Wanted by Plenty. Disliked by Some. Confronted by None.
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11 Re: Changes of the World on Sun May 14, 2017 10:28 am


Pappa Smexy
Pappa Smexy

Taken note off

"My Justice is unavoidable."
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12 Re: Changes of the World on Sun Jun 18, 2017 11:18 am

The Celestial Dragon Anubis have pardon the crimes of Meji and Asura.


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13 Re: Changes of the World on Thu Jul 27, 2017 3:23 pm

Character and/or Crew Name: Elpheba [Marine]
Link to Topic(s): [Link is to arc which holds all the topic links needed]
Affiliations involved and how: Marine [Pc] Pirates [NPC staff controlled, enemy]
Location: Spider Miles
Summary of events: Elpheba was sent to spider miles to liberate it from pirate inluence, in doing so she came to know that the pirates whom held influence where known as the Scrap Heap Pirates. At first the residence at Spider miles where hesitant that the marines could help better them and were content with the pirates, if they left em alone they where left alone kind of thing. After beating the leader in a bout Elpheba explained the marines plans and how Spider miles would flourish. The scrap heap pirates showed up and killed all the marines currently on spider miles as well as defeating Elpheba whom promptly returned renewed and much younger in appearance, after a trivial battle including the flame king appearing for some odd reason, Elpheba succeeded and wiped out the remaining scrap heap pirates. With confirmation and official documentation out of the way Spider miles now holds a prominent marine force.
Changes to location/world: Prominent marine force now present and estabished.
Marine base being built/built. Request increase to army [due to marine force]

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