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1 Time System on Thu Oct 08, 2015 3:25 pm

Time System

The way time works here on Pirate Nation is very easy to grasp and hardly effects the players flow of RP. Every four months that goes by in Real Time, translates to 1(one) year in Liquid or RP Time. As time goes on if we feel this pace is too fast it will be adjusted accordingly and sometimes we will still have Time-Skips occur after the two month mark. Upon each year of Liquid Time various bonuses will be up for claim for those that can prove they were active during the year.

In addition, the site events operate on a worldly scale and synchronize the timeline. That means events are all perceived at the same time should they be stemming from the same origin. Events can also slow down our Time System, so we can get the fullest out of a complete Liquid Time Year. Meaning sometimes a year may take longer than two real life months.

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